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New President Has Been Selected By MasterCard For European Operations- Will There Be Any Change?

New President Has Been Selected By MasterCard For European Operations- Will There Be Any Change?

Everything is getting a new shape and MasterCard is not an exception as well. Yes, Mark Barnett has been appointed as president for MasterCard’s European business. The headquarter of this branch is in Brussels. Well, the new president will be responsible for the developing strategy. Overall success of MasterCard’s operations across 53 European countries.

MasterCard’s European business is serving more than 950 million people through partnerships with retail merchants, businesses, and financial institutions. Mark Barnett, in his new role, has to report to Gilberto Caldart who is the President for International, MasterCard. Barnett has joined the Management Committee of MasterCard which came into action from 1st June 2020.

Barnett has made a comment on his appointment. “This is an important time for MasterCard, especially here in Europe and I am delighted to be taking the lead of such a dynamic and diverse region. MasterCard is the only true multi-rail payments technology company in Europe and as such we are uniquely placed to be able to deliver simple and secure ways to pay and get paid across the region.

I look forward to continuing to foster a culture where we drive new technology and innovation while building our position as the partner of choice for all those we serve. MasterCard in Europe is a true champion of powering people. Powering businesses and powering economics and I am delighted to have the opportunity to lead a team and a business focused on doing well, doing good and making people’s lives easier”.

Barnett has more than 20 years of payments industry and retail banking experience. Prior to this appointment, Barnett was Divisional President for the Ireland Nordics, Baltics and UK. He has a good knowledge of this industry and the technology which is gradually changing. Therefore, everyone is expecting positive outcomes from him.

Gilberto Caldart, the President of International, MasterCard said, “Mark brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience. He has a proven track record in building new and meaningful partnerships while creating a culture that fosters new thinking and new ways to deliver”.

He also added. “Mark has maintained a laser focus on growing our business and driving and maintaining leadership across multiple product lines and geographies”.

Barnett has taken the place of Javier Perez who is going to retire at the end of 2020. Perez also made partnerships with several government entities, business and ultimately, created an impactful role in the sphere of MasterCard.

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