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Online Payment Gateway

Online Payment Gateway

Looking for running an internet business?Y

ou don't need programming knowledge to take online payment on your website!

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Take advantage of International Payment Solutions’ multi-functional online payment solution for businesses. And use our custom checkout features or integrate our online payment gateway with your site to accept and process payments securely, directly from your website.

You can easily accept and process your customers’ transactions securely from your website with International Payment Solutions Online Gateway, an intuitive online payment solution.

Customization payment form fields

Support for Google Pay, fraud prevention tools, and gift cards

Simple integration into your company website with your own logo

Solution activated through the Merchant Resource Center

Programming interfaces (API)

RapidCents online payment gateway features:

RapidCents online payment gateway features:

We bring together everything that’s required to build websites and apps that accept payments and send payouts (funds) the Next day.

With 114+ Integrated Partners, We offer plugins and guides for major platforms that make integrating Clearsale’s Fraud protection Solution simple in your CMS or Ecommerce Platform

Our cutting-edge technology online and mobile payment platform, called RapidCents.RapidCents is Certified under U.S Bank (ELAVON) and Its PCI compliant.

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Why Choose Use

Our #1 priority here at IPS is your happiness. Which means we stand by our product 100%, no matter what, no questions asked, no holds barred, no ifs, no ands, no buts. If you have a problem, we will solve it. revise your need and offer you the best service can meet your needs. Whatever it takes. Just reach out to our Customer Happiness Team. We’re here for you. Happiness. Guaranteed.

Customer Satisfaction

Focus on your work while we take care of your Visa / MasterCard processing!

24/7 Support

On top of that, you will have a dedicated account manager that will take care of you

Added value

Automatic customer database building from each transaction, we add more value to each transaction to grow your business.


We operate the widest range of smart terminals combining the most advanced technologies with the latest security requirements to meet your needs

Recurring Payment

Recurring Payment

Recurring Payments are automatic payments where you authorize your service provider to collect the total charges from your credit card or bank account periodically. This amount is deducted on the due date of every billing cycle, so that you never have to worry about late fees.
Set up recurring plans or installments, manage subscriptions, and get notified when payments occur.
Billing and Invoicing is a new feature on our Virtual Terminal that allows you to send quotes or invoices directly to your customers via email. Your customers will be able to accept or reject quotes or pay invoices directly by using RapidCents’s secure hosted payment page.

Setup Recurring Payment Now!
Do you need more information?

Do you need more information?

Scalable, OmniCommerce, easy User Interface for back-office management and online.

CMS Integrations, Plug and Play Plugins, and API Developer Tools for customization

Digital wallets and enhanced button features such as ApplePay, PayPal, Visa Checkout,Master pass.

Buy button, hosted payments, customizable payment pages + custom fields.

Customer Manager’ database ie, an easy CRM for small business.

Robust anti-fraud tools with business rules and tokenization.

Robust reporting and analytics, including Payment Insider tool.

Recurring and Installment payments with tokenization.

New Feature:We Automatically updating credit card details after expiry, so you never miss a payment.


In order to accept online payment you need to take two step:

  • Merchant account
  • Payment gateway service
  • don’t worry we take care of both, contact us to find out how we can help you.

    Shopping carts are an easy way to build your online store, but in order to process credit card payments, you’ll need to integrate with a payment processor like RapidCents. Our payment gateway plugs into your shopping cart so you can sell securely.
    call us we will help you go through the process.

    You should make sure online payment you will choose:

  • has a 24/7 customer service
  • next day deposit
  • easy to integrate with your platform
  • has a competitive rate
  • Yes,Our Online payment gateway offer In-App Payments for Android and IOS applications, contact us to get more detailed information.

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