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We are confident about our range of financial services because we know the industry like no one else does:
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International Payment Solutions understands your business objectives for transaction processing – efficiency and the delivery of exceptional service to your customers. Our technological solutions are economical and meet the needs of your business.


As the payment industry evolves, we use our innovative spirit to support people and businesses, from start-ups to SMEs, to challenge their status quo. Sharing our knowledge and our willingness to welcome change allows us to help companies do the same by adopting their own type of innovation, we make sure that you are at the forefront of transaction processing. International Payment Solutions is committed to investing in human resources and innovative technological solutions ensuring first-rate transaction processing for its customers.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Facilitate payment solutions to help businesses grow

Based on our Values:

1. Customers

2. Our Partners

3. Shareholders

As one of the leading payment service providers in North America, we are proud of our financial obligations and accomplishments to our clients. We are passionate about our work, are determined to live up to our reputation every day.

Our Vision

Our Vision

At International Payment Solutions, we strive to be the leader in online payment processing.

Our goal is to help 60,000 businesses grow by 2025 across North America, backed by world-class customer satisfaction.

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As a leader in the payments industry, International Payment Solutions is there to help North American businesses find their way and grow, as well as to support and educate them on how to build sustainable businesses.

We support businesses at all stages and are proud to play an important role in the North American economy.​

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International Payment Solutions Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program supports our mission, vision, values, and strategy. It focuses on three main support elements: innovation, entrepreneurship and community support.

In addition to these elements, we strive to provide choices and be flexible with our employees so that they can participate in initiatives that are important to them.

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International Payment Solutions has employees, offices, partners, and customers in major communities across North America. Contributing to community life is our duty.

We help our community by donating time and money to charities that keep communities healthy and sustainable.

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