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Fiserv Is Adding New Online Orders Feature To Its Clover POS Platform

Fiserv Is Adding New Online Orders Feature To Its Clover POS Platform

Online orders can change everything. Fiserv, Inc. which is a global provider of financial services technology. Headquartered in Brookfield, United States has recently added some new features to its Clover POS platform. The foremost objective is to help the restaurants to connect with the customers while streamlining the fulfilment of online orders.

Talking about the present situation, restaurant merchants are badly affected. They closed the dining rooms of the restaurants because of the COVID-19 and started pick-up and delivery business models. Well, this business model requires digital ordering capabilities and online presence.

Keeping the present concerns in mind, Fiserv has upgraded its Clover POS platform. It does not matter where the customer is, the upgraded Clover POS platform allows the restaurant merchants to receive as well as process orders for pick-up. More than 1,500 restaurants are using Clover Online Ordering within three weeks of its availability.

The upgraded POS platform allows the restaurant owners to receive online orders from two different ordering services that are mentioned below:
  • Clover App: Customers can place their orders by making online payments on the Clover app. They can also accumulate reward points and redeem promotional offers from their favourite restaurants.
  • Clover Online Ordering Websites: The Clover online ordering websites allow the customers to place orders from a menu. Here, the menu is a kind of web page that is created by the Clover and it can be easily integrated with the website of the business or it can be used as a standalone web page.

Clover is a kind of POS platform that has already distributed more than one million devices globally. The annualized payment volume is more than 100 billion. Well, this business management platform also allows the customers to pay using credit or debit cards or via mobile wallets such as Google Pay, Samsung Pay or Apple Pay. Online orders are the new way.

In addition to this, Fiserv has announced its new CEO on 7th May 2020. The Board of Directors has elected Frank Bisignano in place of Yabuki as the new Chief Executive Officer. Yabuki will continue as Executive Chairman for the remainder of 2020.

The CEO Yabuki said. “With the successful integration of First Data well underway, this is the right time for Frank to lead the next phase of the company’s evolution”. Yabuki and Fran have been working very closely for the past 18 months. Yabuki further said, “Frank has been leading our global business with an absolute commitment to excellence”.

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