Clover Flex

Clover Flex

Clover Flex Smart Terminal

The Clover Flex is small in size and made to help you do business wherever you are. It's easy to take with you, and even a lot more convenient for your customers to insert or swipe their cards, enter a password or sign for their purchases no matter where they are, whether in line, in the hallway, or at the table. Plus, the Clover Flex's built-in printer and scanner give you maximum flexibility.


Key features:

  • LTE and Wifi connectivity
  • Email, print or SMS the receipt
  • Real time reporting and Virtual Terminal
  • App market

CLOVER FLEX specifications

Just like its name implies, the Clover Flex offers the flexibility to do business wherever your customers are. It is extremely portable, so it is perfect for making payments in the hallway, on the table, or at the counter.
The payment solution enables you to easily accept payments with direct cash payments, credit, debit, or chip cards, Apple Pay, NFC payments, Google Pay, and gift cards. In addition, your sales are recorded in real-time with detailed reports on the device, on the web and in our iOS / Android mobile application.
As your business grows, the Clover Flex grows with you. From reporting to customer communication, you'll get more done with the same compact device that takes payments for you.Take advantage of multiple applications on clover app market.
The Clover Flex, a small device with a variety of functions, built in printer is the payment solution for your small business that you have been waiting for.
You no longer have to come and go from the customer's location to the counter to process the card, print the receipt, obtain the signature, or adjust the tip. You can do it wherever you are with the Clover Flex virtual terminal.
The Clover Flex accepts electronic signatures and sends receipts by text message and email. In addition, all your transaction information is saved for you. You will no longer have stacks of paper receipts, making returns easier.
Unlike a standard POS system, the Clover Flex comes with a built-in camera and barcode scanner to keep your inventory information up to date.
3G connectivity allows you to take payments from wherever you are, either on the go or using Wi-Fi in places close to home.

Sime card is comes for free with the terminal and the monthly fee is pay as you go, It means that you will pay $0.50 per day if you enable the 3G/LTE mode.

You can take card present, and card not present (phone sales) transactions on terminal as well as you you will have access to Clover virtual terminal on your dashboard so accept payments from anywhere virtually.