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Contactless Credit Cards Can Impede Coronavirus Risk

Contactless Credit Cards Can Impede Coronavirus Risk

Contactless Credit Card is the way forward. People are thinking twice before going on a shopping trip. It does not matter whether you are using credit card or cash, you have to touch the payment terminal. Well, customers can expose themselves to the coronavirus. By doing so and this is why they want to avoid offline shopping.

But, Bob Musinski, an award winning writer, editor and content strategist said that contactless credit cards can impede coronavirus risk. With the advancement of technology. We have now various types of contactless payment modes. Such as NFC payment, mobile wallet, contactless credit cards and many more. People should start using this to minimise physical interaction.

Bob Musinski is giving more preference to the contactless credit cards as it is the most convenient way to make online payments.

Customers can do contactless credit card payments by hovering the card near the merchant’s credit card terminal that supports contactless transaction. Customers can also use it by activating the credit card on the mobile app.

The technology used in contactless transaction is called near-field communication or NFC. Through this technology, your cards, digital devices such as mobile can communicate with the payment terminal without touching it. Well, the fact is that this technology has been using for years. But, it is the right time to utilize this technology properly. According to a 2019 report from Javelin Strategy & Research, a market research and advisory services firm, four in 10 U.S. consumers own a contactless card.

Bob Musinski said that contactless payments are safer than cash. Paper currency can consist of plenty of germs. Considering the present situation, it will not be a good move to go with paper cash and coins. Although there is no official notification from health organizations. That these are great vehicles for the spread of the coronavirus, it will always be better to use hand sanitizer or wash hands after touching credit card terminals.

According to the recent surveys, People have adjusted their behaviour since the arrival of the coronavirus.

According to a survey conducted by MasterCard, half of the MasterCard consumers have been started using cashless transactions since the pandemic started in the U.S. 77% consumers said that contactless transaction is a ‘cleaner way to pay’.

According to American Express survey, most cardholders think that contactless payments are safer for personal health than using cash or inserting or swiping a credit card.

Linda Kirkpatrick, president of U.S. issuers at MasterCard said, “The health aspect is really what’s driving the usage right now”.

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