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Do you know what does contactless payment system mean? This method of payments was introduced in 2007, and today, one in every three credit cards is contacted less. There is an increasing number of the contactless card issued worldwide. It is a fact that most of the people are attracting towards contactless payment methods.

Contactless payment

Through contact with less payment method, you make payments through your contactless device. It may be a card or a Smartphone. You in usual case tap or wave your device to make payments over a reader. The reader then accepts your payment.

The functioning of contactless payments

But how do contactless payments work? Inside a contactless credit card, the chip is inserted. It emits radio waves, and the process is started. An antenna is also part of a contactless device that is crucial for a secure connection with a contactless reader. It is called the radio identification system. The contactless cards use this technology for processing and completing the payments. When you are paying something using contactless cards, you need to hold the card near a payment terminal that is called RFID reader. It picks up the signals, communicates with the card and starts the processing of payments.

Now the payment terminal will confirm the payment. It will reject if unconfirmed and if it does not work, it will reject it. Now you may use an in also. Most of the mobile phones use another method that s called near field communication to transmit the data. NFC is based on the technology that is used in RFID.

How to make countless or NFC payments

You cause several devices for making a payment. The most common method used for the purpose is called credit or debit card and several smart phones. You can use the following tools also.

  • Different types fitness trackers
  • Watches
  • Wristband
  • Key fobs
  • Stickers

We can use the devices as mentioned above and gadgets for processing contactless payments. You can benefit this technology for opening doors or as a security pass. The contactless devices may be recognized through the logo. The logo is made up of four bold lines that make a wave symbol.


Where can I use contactless payments?


The contactless technology or NFC is gained widespread popularity. It means that you can use it in different places for processing payments. You can make payments in various shops, hotels, bars, cafes and even automated services that include vending machines. On public transport, you may use contactless cards also n some areas. There are different places and transport systems in Canada where you may use the contactless card. Various bus services, tubes, trains and many other services use contactless cards.

Advantages of contactless cards

There are several pros of contactless cards. These cards are used for convenience for secure payment. They are preferred to cash, chip and PIN for some reasons.

For using 

  • The contactless card you need not spend your time entering your pin if you use your Smartphone it will let you pay for the products or services without opening your purse or wallet.
  • There are also liked as they have some added security feature in place. It includes a limited number of payments that you can make without entering your PIN. There are added security features with some credit cards that include imposing the limit on the size of fees for the transaction you can process. In most of the case, the threshold is $40 for contactless debit and credit cards. If you prepare more than this limit, you need to use a clip or pin.
  • It is not a feature of contactless payments via mobile phone because there are sure passwords and other security features in place to unlock and use the mobile phones. It may be a fingerprint, IRIS scan or a password.

Disadvantages of NFC or countless cards

We have gone through the advantages of numerous cards butt these cards may be risky in some instances;

  • If someone steals your various car or you lose it somewhere, an unauthorized person may use it to make purchases. If you miss your card, you need to report your provider as soon as you notice it.
  • Illegal criminals may check your bank account regularly for vested interests. Some bank statements show the number of contactless with a contactless symbol. If you find an unauthorized transaction, you should report your bank immediately.

Comparing the different credit cards

You can manage your money with the help of credit cards in a convenient way and build a credit history. You should find a contactless card that best meets your needs.

we always suggest research before you buy a ticket so that you may get the best out of their advantages. So do a credit card comparison that helps to come with the best deal.

For comparison, you need to enter a few details about yourself and your business; you may be able to see the interest rates and benefits that each card provides you. There are a lot of online resources to compare the prices and then make a deal with the best card in the market.



These days almost all the credit card is becoming contactless. You may also request your credit card provider to offer you chip and PIN if you want so. If you have a poor credit rating, you may not be able to get a card, and your bank may not provide it.

It is a fact that technology is in evolution. More and more credit card companies are offering you contactless or NFC cards in Canada. There is no doubt that how beneficial is contacless payment for your business activities.


 You should choose your contactless credit card with care.

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