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Top Cloud-Based POS Systems Talech Vs Touchbistro

Top Cloud-Based POS Systems Talech Vs Touchbistro

POS System is a very crucial aspect in every business. With the advancement of technology, many tasks that generally take manual intervention are now being done automatically as well as easefully. Standing in the 21st century, if you want to gain perfection in your business, you have to take help from technology. From a businessman’s perspective, customer satisfaction matters the most. Well, technology has the capability to satisfy you by letting you know that your services as well as products will surely make a positive impression upon your customers.

Modern businesses have become technology-driven and fortunately, technology has given many useful tools to the businessmen. But, we are not going to elaborate those tools here. What we are going to tell you is about the Point of Sale system otherwise known as the POS system.

What A POS Solution Is?

Well, a POS system is a completely cloud-based solution. It is a kind of software application that can be used in various devices such as mobile devices, tablets and many more. A cloud-based point terminal system updates all the data in real-time and stores into the internet server of the merchant processor instead of the computer.

From a businessman’s perspective, a cloud-based POS solution is very helpful as it allows them to do several things such as manage employees, track sales and inventory from any location.

Talech vs Touchbistro

We cannot overlook the fact that the more we are advancing towards the future, the more the competition level is becoming tougher and the cloud-based POS system is not an exception as well.

Talech is holding an important position among its companions that offer cloud-based Point of Sale system. On the other side, Touchbistro is another significant name in the same field. Now, if you want to unravel the functionalities of these cloud-based point of sale systems, you have to go through the side by side comparison of Talech and Touchbistro.

Pricing starts from $15/month for retail and $35/month for online.
Pricing starts from $69/month for 1 user license and for unlimited user licenses, it is $399/month.
Pricing Model
·         Monthly payment
·         Annual Subscription
·         Quote-based
·         Monthly payment
List of Features
·         Discount application
·         Timesheet Report
·         Employee performance reports
·         Daily summaries
·         Bill merge capability
·         Split bill support
·         Check Payment support
·         Cash Drawer Management
·         Barcode scanning and printing
·         Product variations support
·         Timed-service setup
·         Staff profiles showing services
·         Multiple printers printing
·         Purchase order management
·         Bulk edit function
·         Employee clock-in
·         Product sales report
·         Real-time reports
·         Customer behavior analysis
·         Online ordering
·         Credit card support
·         Gift card feature
·         User roles and permission
·         Real-time inventory management
·         Appointment scheduling
·         Customer-facing booking website
·         Cancellation reports
·         Tipping functions
·         Bulk upload function
·         Touchbistro reservations
·         Mobile payment processing
·         Restaurant inventory management
·         Staff management and scheduling
·         CRM
·         Easy bill splitting
·         Staff management
·         Accounting
·         Self-ordering kiosk
·         Digital menu board
·         Tableside ordering
·         Menu management
·         Floor plan and table management
·         Reporting and analytics
·         Kitchen display system
·         Menu customization
Language Supported
Both Talech and Touchbistro support several third-party integrations which are mentioned below:
·         QuickBooks Online
·         Xero
·         Shopify
·         BigCommerce
·         eBay
·         Magento
·         OpenCart
·         Volution
·         WooCommerce
·         7Shifts
·         QuickBooks
·         Xero
·         Shogo
·         Square
·         Quickbooks
·         Avero
·         ItsaCheckmate
·         MarketMan
Available Devices
·         iPhone
·         iPad
·         Web-based
·         iPhone and iPad
·         Mac
·         Web-based
Company Size
Both Talech and Touchbistro are suitable for small businesses, large enterprises and medium businesses. Unfortunately, these cloud-based POS systems are not suitable for freelancers.
Available Support
·         Email
·         Phone
·         Live Support
·         Tickets
·         Email
·         Phone
·         Training
·         Tickets

So, you have probably understood that, if you want to keep your business ahead of your competitors, you must go with Talech cloud-based POS system. In addition to this, you must know that if you don’t go with any reputable merchant processor solutions, you might not get the taste of satisfactory outcomes. Therefore, we will recommend you to have a look at the following points to know the ideal merchant service for your business.

International Payment Solutions Offers the Best Talech POS System

International Payment Solutions is one of the leading merchant processor solutions that offer iPad based Talech POS system. The system comes with pincushion interfaces and POS software compatible with most debit machine devices available in the market. Therefore, you will always have an intuitive and efficient payment system. IPS guarantees an effective POS solution that is designed in such a way so that it can enhance the workflow and at the same time boost the customer experience.

Some Additional Features
  • Mobile Card Reader: IPS offers mobile card readers and you just need to connect it to your mobile devices. After that, you can easily accept credit card payments. This card reader provides end-to-end encryption and therefore, you can avail the convenience of lower credit card processing rates.
  • Cash Drawer Integration: Well, you cannot expect online payment from every customer. IPS understands this and therefore, it offers cash drawer integration along with its POS system.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit International Payment Solutions today and get the installation done professionally with complete peace of mind.

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