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Port Perry BIA Starting Gift Card Program For Enhancing Business

Port Perry BIA Starting Gift Card Program For Enhancing Business

Port Perry BIA which was launched in 1989 is going to start a completely new gift card program in order to help businesses which are badly affected by the COVID-19

Deborah Kiezebrink, councilor of Ward no.4 announced this great initiative on 27th April at the council session considering the present situation of BIA merchants. She was of the opinion that it will provide the members of BIA (Business Improvement Association) an instant financial relief.

Customers will be able to buy gift cards from a ‘single online store’ through online payment. They can redeem these gift cards when the store will reopen or when the takeout service will be available.

However, the mid-April was not good for Port Perry BIA. It has been scolded in a letter from the lawyer for discussing a negotiation in public that was privately obtained between Brock’s Department Store and Scugog. It was about a new lease for the Mary Street parking lot.

Brock’s Department Store made an announcement. It would close the large portion of the public parking lot which is at 179 Mary St. They made this announcement after a disagreement between township and store owners on a new leasehold for the property.

It was a major topic of discussion in the meetings of Port Perry BIA held in last November and December. Because of this, the lawyer of Brock family scolded BIA.

Marie-Josée Riverin who is a legal representative for Julie and Marina Brock wrote. “We wish to express our client’s disappointment. That notwithstanding that the parking lot negotiations were a matter between Brock’s and the township. It was discussed in closed session and should have been kept confidential. Until such time as an agreement may have reached. That the parking lot is our client’s private property, there have been ongoing discussions within the BIA regarding this matter.”

But, the recent decision taken by Port Perry BIA will probably eliminate these blemishes. Kiezebrink continued, “Throughout the month of May the Port Perry BIA will pay 30 percent of the card cost as a gift to the purchasers”.

She also added, “The hope is that community will work together to support the local business owners and, if successful, the new gift card program could potentially be something that continues into the Christmas season”.

Some words also expressed her excitement, “I am really excited for our community and the BIA”.
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