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International Payment Solutions VS Stripe

International Payment Solutions VS Stripe

International Payment Solutions keeps you ahead in profit margin. When it is about global payment processing, we pop up as the most trusted one-stop-shop that you can’t possibly ignore. Read on and avail endless offers from international payment solutions.

International Payment Solutions is evidently proud to present a fully functional as well as feature-enriched merchant platform that would never let you down on your expectations and requirements related to global payment procedures.

One platform catering to multiple merchant services

Ours is a platform that would be an ultimate paradise for all the users who represent different merchant communities. The beauty of our portal is that you will not need a web developer or a programmer to initiate payment processing and transactions on our platform.

It is a completely user-friendly platform that we have created for our clients. Thus, you will always find the right tools and widgets to help you immensely in the payment processes. You can say that we are taking the responsibility to provide you with the flexibility in payment processes that you have always aspired for.

Our APIs would be impeccable in terms of features. Similarly, you have to take specific note of the client-friendly attributes of International Payment Solutions that include integration tools, invoicing features, card vaults, client portals, virtual terminals, etc. It’s like you are having all your requirements related to the global payment procedures sorted under one roof.

We definitely stand out as a comparatively better choice than stripe and other payment processing portals

As it comes to the context of settling on the issue of international payment gateways, you are not supposed to take things lightly. This is a particular task that might get you a little flabbergasted as there is a galaxy of entities that cater to payment gateways services. Stripe is one of them. It feels good to state that we, at International Payment Solutions, have worked day and night to outshine the fame of Stripe. If you are really looking deeply, you will be able to figure out a decisive line of difference that makes us a better choice compared to Stripe.

International Payment Solutions would look after your business transactions and banking transactions with high levels of efficacy. If you are looking to receive payment, International Payment Solutions would make it sure that you get it within one or two business days. It is a definite advantage which we can offer you over Stripe. Stripe takes seven or ten business days to make the transactions. Thus, we save you from a hell lot of discomfiture.

International Payment Solutions charges less on processing

If you think of a serious edge over Stripe, then you must consider the fact that our processing rates are really competitive. We charge quite less compared to Stripe. If you have a significant quantity of processing to make, you will gain considerable leverage on the rates.

Let’s understand this with a comparative analysis.

Comparative Analysis of International Payment Solutions And Stripe
Credit card volume IPS cost Stripe cost Savings
$500 $46.95 $15.10 $31.85
$1000 $58.90 $30.20 $28.70
$2500 $94.75 $75.30 $19.25
$5000 $154.50 $151.00 $3.50
$7500 $214.25 $226.50 $12.25
$10,000 $274.00 $302.00 $28.00
$25,000 $615.00 $755.00 $140.00
$50,000 $1,195.00 $1510.00 $315.00
$100,000 $2,305.00 $3,020.00 $715.00
$250,000 $5,535.00 $7,550.00 $2,015. 00
List of features which we bring you

Here’s the comprehensive list of features that encompasses both International Payment Solutions and Stripe. This would ensure that you have a quick grasp of what you are getting from us and from Stripe.

Criteria IPS Stripe
Payments Applicable Applicable
Invoicing Applicable
Point-of-Sale Applicable
Online Store Applicable
Product Catalog Applicable
Recurring billing Applicable Applicable
Integrations Applicable Applicable
Advanced Recurring and Subscription Management Applicable
Dedicated account manager Applicable
Do you think that you should switch to International Payment Solutions?

Well, if you have already started opening up to a possible switch, you are on the right path. This is going to be a moment that would decide a trail of profit on your behalf.

You should come and explore the world of Commerce through International Payment Solutions. It is an offer entailing immense profitability and you might not be able to bag another of this kind in a decade.

As a merchant, you should strongly feel about our services as they mean the best possible support facilities which your business can count on.

We are certain and confident that we will be geared up enough to cater to more comparative advantages that would be perfectly commensurate with your specific business procedures and infrastructure. Our efficient account managers will do the needful to see that you stay out of trouble as long as you choose to use our platform. Besides, you can have access to our customer service on the basis of 24/7. So, there is every reason for you to stay confident and competitive in your line of business as we have got you covered. This is the best payment solutions.

So, get in touch with us soon as we would like to make our sincere services available to you. If you happen to have a processing requirement, we are waiting to serve you better.

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