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Thermal paper rolls otherwise known as audit roll is a kind of special fine paper. It is generally coated with a special material so that it can change its color when it is exposed to heat. Thermal paper is mostly used in thermal printers. These are also used in lightweight as well as inexpensive devices. They are cash registers, credit card terminals, pay at the table payment terminal, point of sale system, and many more. Generally, the coating becomes black when it is exposed to heat and sometimes, it can be red or blue depending upon the coating.

Concern Associated with Thermal Paper Roll

If we talk about one of the greatest concerns of business owners, it is inextricably associated with their operations. They always think about the health of their customers. Therefore, when it comes to thermal paper rolls, the conversation revolves around a chemical used in thermal papers and it is BPA or bisphenol-A.

Why BPA IS Used in Receipt Paper

Well, BPA is being used for a long period of time and there are several advantages of using it. We have elaborated them below:

  • BPA not only makes thermal paper heat resistant but also provides stability while providing thermal images.
  • BPA ensures that the thermal paper can safely change its colors when it is exposed to heat without catching a fire.
  • The thermal printer does not need ink to print and BPA allows faster printing.
  • The quality of printing is also better than other alternatives
Is It Harmful?

Well, you will find plenty of debate over the harmful aspects of BPA in a thermal paper roll. BPA is a kind of endocrine disruptor. It can hamper the production rate of a natural hormone in our body. Well, if we talk about the BPA exposure for kids, the scenario becomes more dangerous. This is because infants are more sensitive to the harmful chemical.

However, the study shows that the TDI or Tolerable Daily Intake of BPA is more than 100 micrograms. A person working with thermal paper for more than 10 hours is exposed to 70 micrograms of BPA on average per day.

What Are The Alternatives?

BPA-free thermal paper roll is also available and it indicates that there are alternatives. Well, BPS or Bisphenol S is the component that is most commonly used in Thermal Receipt paper rolls as an alternative to BPA. But, everything has negative aspects and BPS is not an exception as well. An endocrinology study has shown that BPS can alter the reproductive system development of an organism. Moreover, exposure to BPS can create premature births in fish.

Fortunately, there is another alternative that is completely devoid of BPA and BPS. It is basically a urea-based compound. If you are concerned about the health of your customers as well as employees, you can go with this receipt thermal paper roll. Moreover, the customer will get the best print quality in the urea-based paper.

Selection Of proper Thermal Paper

The Selection of thermal paper is one of the most important steps for your business. Initially, every document looks outstanding but, the question arrives when the matter is related to the expected life span. If your printed data become unreadable over time, the customer will face problems in case of claiming warranties, product returns, and other similar scenarios.

Well, we have highlighted some key points that you must consider before purchasing a thermal paper roll for your business.

  • Heat: Documents kept in vehicles become unreadable over time and this happens because the temperature climbs over 150 F. Therefore if exposure to heat is a problem, you can choose a paper that is completely heat resistant. You might be surprised to know that some thermal papers come with a special coating that can withstand high temperatures.
  • Moisture: If you have a store which is located in a humid or wet area, you must get a thermal paper roll that comes with additional moisture resistance.
  • Top coating: Most thermal paper rolls come with thermal as well as a basecoat. But, if you want the best one, make sure that the thermal paper has a top coating as it offers an extra layer of protection.
Ideal Store To Get BPA-Free Thermal Paper Roll

Well, the usage of thermal paper is increasing day by day. This is because of its endless benefits such as compactness, heat resistant capability, and many more. We generally use it in credit and debit card machines, point of sale systems and other portable payment terminals.

Now, if you are into a business where you will be using such payment terminals and looking for the best BPA-free thermal paper roll for cash register or other purposes, we have the best option for you.

Visit the store section of International Payment Solutions and you will get your desired products such as debit machine thermal paper roll, poynt thermal paper roll, receipt thermal paper roll, and many more.

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