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Start processing credit cards with our credit/debit machines

IPS offers some of the best fully ready-to-use credit card processing services on the market. With millions of dollars processed across different locations in America, across thousands of customers who are satisfied with us. You can be fully confident in the security of your transactions with us.

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We carefully consider every complaint we find to figure out, what went wrong.

Credit Card Processing For Small Businesses

We have been one of the top merchant account provider in Canada,you can accept credit card payment now, Get merchant account in one day, No hidden fee, best price guarantee. Just fill out our form one of our account managers will contact you.

Counter Top Terminals

Ideal for professional services, traditional counters or wherever your customers pay in person, this counter outlet offers a seamless payment experience. Features include a large 3.5-inch touchscreen and the ability to run interactive business applications that help you manage your operations.

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Long/Short Range Terminals

Short range terminals usually works inside the business and get connected to the Internet through Wifi or Bluetooth(up to 15m (49 ft) inside your store)

Long range terminals it works with Sim-Card so the connection is through LTE or 4G connections.

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The first payment terminal you'll love
The Poynt Smart Terminal (PST) is designed to give you optimal control of your business from wherever you are in the world. It is a super-fast, wireless POS device with intuitive android based OS enable you to serve your customers a lot better with the application that is available on the POYNT's app store.

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The Poynt 5 is very similar in function to the POYNT smart  terminal.It has all the required portable features that enable you to set up or take your Point of Sale wherever you choose.It works with LTE and how ever POYNT 5 dose not come with printer and clerk can Email or Text message the receipt.

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Clover Flex terminal


EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ONE SIMPLE DEVICE The Clover Flex is small in size android base terminal and made to help you do business wherever you are. It's easy to take with you, and even a lot more convenient when you have multiple options on Clover app store to run your business more smoothly. Plus, the Clover Flex's built-in printer and scanner give you maximum flexibility.

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Clover mini pos


Clover Mini is more than your regular Point of Sale System. It is a complete solution in a command center. You can accept all kinds of payments, take orders, inventory, tables, employees, loyalty program and more!

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Next Business Day Deposit

Typically, the best merchant accounts include next-business-day deposits, meaning that after closing time (usually anywhere between 7-9 pm), the funds are in your bank account the morning of the next business day

Get Instant Reporting

Run revenue, sales, and customer reports from any device, and gain a better understanding of your business' trends.

Dedicated Account Manager

On top of 24/7 customer service there is always somebody in our company that we assign your account to.

No Hidden Fee

With International Payment Solutions, the details are all clear, and they make sense.You know exactly what you're paying for and how much you sell.

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POYNT:The device connects to wi-fi and has wired internet capability.

POYNT 5:The device connects to wi-fi or has optional 3G capability.

CLover Flex:The device connects to wi-fi and has optional 3G capability (both at same time)

Desk5000:The device connects to phone line and wired Internet capability.

Move5000:The device connects to wi-fi or 3G capability.