Get your ATM and make passive income

In recent years, ATMs have evolved into retail channels that offer onsite cash withdrawal, so customers are now less dependent on bank branches. We provide have hundreds of satisfied customers that use our ATMs in small business, shopping centers, Jewelry stores, nightclubs, grocery stores, bars and restaurants, professional sports events, convenience stores, hotels In addition to the basic cash withdrawal option,  will bring more traffic to your door.

Have an ATM in your business not only directly increase foot count on your door and eventually more revenue for your business  but also ATM’s by itself can be a source of passive income for you as well

Make recurring residual income stream


  • Gas Stations
  • Convenience stores
  • Jewelry stores
  • Bar, Restaurants
  • Nightclubs
  • Hotels
  • Shopping Centers
  • casino and bingo sites

Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

Sample Description
Convenience Store Gaming and Casinos Shopping Centers Hotels and Lodging Bars and Restaurants Grocery Chain Sports and Recreation Financial Institutions Transportation Educational Institutions jewelry stores

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2. Select an ATM Program.

3.Relax, Start making money.

Basically making money from your ATM machines is depends on 2 factors

  1. what type of ATM program you want to be on
  2. How many transaction you would get every month

For more information about different ATM programs please call us now, at +1(800) 513-8146

In regards to number of transactions :The average ATM in a retail environment (not a bank) does about 6 – 10 transactions per day. (Ref:atmdepot)

You will get a real time dashboard for your ATM to be able to track each transactions and surcharge and get reports,

We offer next business day funding it means that , you will get paid for vault cash and Transactions next business day