Saskatchewan- The First Province To Disclose Comprehensive Plan To Reopen Economy

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Scott Moe, Premier of Saskatchewan province spoke at the Legislative Building. In Regina at a COVID 19 news update that they would come up with a comprehensive plan to reopen the economy. Well, it will make Saskatchewan the first province to do so.

This comprehensive plan to reopen economy consists of five different phases. The first phase will be implemented on 4th May with the restart of non-essential medical procedures. Along with it, golf courses, campgrounds and provincial parks will be reopened. Well, the first phase might bring good news for merchant processing companies as there will be a major enhancement in mobile payment and other online transactions. Two weeks later, personal services such as massage therapists and hair salons and retail businesses will get permission to reopen.

This will be the start and from then, the province will gradually start taking off restrictions from others which are now under the impact of COVID-19 infections.

This step taken by Scott Moe is not devoid of criticism. Probably, keeping this aspect in mind, Premier Scott Moe said, “Some may be concerned it is far too soon, that reopening businesses in the coming weeks could increase the spread of COVID-19”. He further added, “We have to find the middle ground that continues to keep our case numbers low. Keep Saskatchewan people safe, while at the same time allowing for businesses to reopen and Saskatchewan people to get back to work”. Undoubtedly, it is a bold decision and there will surely be mixed consequences.

The final three phases will encircle the reopening of gyms, day-cares and restaurants. It will even increase the limits on public gatherings. But, there are no specific dates for these three phases. The government says the release of the final three phases will depend on the impact of COVID-19 infections. However, there are some limits on mass gathering even in the final phase.

The province has decided to increase the number of testing in order to restrain additional spread and detect new infections.

The province has had almost 331 COVID-19 cases and among these the number of death is 4 and the pace of infection is comparatively slow. In recent weeks, the number of cases rose by 10.

Several governments across Canada are also following the path shown by Scott Moe. Some restrictions will be lifted on May 1 as said by Prince Edward Island. In addition to this, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Quebec and Alberta have uttered the same tone. They are also working on their plans on lifting restrictions.

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