Poynt terminal


The Poynt Smart Terminal (PST) is designed to give you optimal control of your business from wherever you are in the world. It is a super-fast, wireless POS device with intuitive built-in features to enable you to serve your customers a lot better. With the custom-built Poynt app, this POS solution is designed to give you oversight, and administrative control -- from comprehensive accounting to customer feedback.

Poynt smart terminal come with free basic built-in POS system

Poynt smart terminal

Key features:

  • Wired and Wifi connectivity
  • Email,Print or Text message the receipt
  • Realtime reporting and dashboard
  • Apps for you to Sell More

POYNT specifications

Track your sales, complete transactions, settle payments, and get on-the-hour real-time analytics and insights
complimentary POS software is on POYNT , You can easily upload your products, organize them into various categories and create modifiers
It enables you to conveniently engage your customers, carry out surveys, and give feedback in real-time. It even stores your customers’ purchase history.
Your customers get to choose what format they want to receive their payment receipts -- via SMS text, print, or email so enable you to your customer and collect customers information for future marketing campaigns
The merchant-facing touchscreen, being separate from the customer-facing touchscreen (on the same device), is designed to help streamline your checkout process and overall experience.
The flexibility of the tool enables you to personalize its functions by uploading, and incorporate your company design to both the customer-facing screen and the printed receipts.

With International Payment Solutions, we have the flexibility to work with almost any financial institution/bank of your choice regardless of what type of terminal you get from us.

Applications will be reviewed within one business day and might require some follow-up information.Once your application has been approved it takes 2 to 3 business days to receive the terminal.

The Poynt Smart Terminal and the Poynt 5 are both built to provide up to 5 to 6 hours of battery life, depending on usage.

Battery usage varies depending on several different factors including transaction volume, printer usage, screen brightness, device sleep settings, etc. With high transaction volume merchants, especially those Poynt Smart Terminal users who opt to frequently print receipts while off-dock, battery life will deplete quicker.

You can see the battery status on the top right hand side of the screen.

Poynt's printer is smaller than typical terminals in the market, you need a specific size of paper with no core, you will need coreless thermal paper rolls 2-1/4 ‘’ X 16 FT, You can also order poynt paper rolls from us here.