Poynt 5 Smart Terminal

The Poynt 5 Smart Terminal is very similar in function to THE POYNT SMART TERMINAL. It, however, has a few other characteristics that distinguish it from the PST. The Poynt 5 has all the required portable features that enable you to set up or take your Point of Sale wherever you choose. There’s quite a handful of mobile user-friendly features that makes the Poynt 5 Smart Terminal everyone’s favorite. It is a fast, lightweight POS device that fits perfectly in your pocket.

Additionally, whether you are the business-on-the-go type or prefer the in-aisle or tableside approach, the Poynt 5 payment solution features an app store option that delivers everything you need to run your business or payment services successfully -- from detailed accounting solutions to inventory management apps, and more!.

Poynt 5


Key features:

  • LTE and Wifi connectivity
  • Email or Text message the receipt
  • Fast and reliable
  • Absolute security

POYNT 5 specifications

About the size of a smartphone, Poynt 5 is sleek mobile solution.complimentary POS software is on POYNT , You can easily upload your products, organize them into various categories and create modifiers.
Track your sales, complete transactions, settle payments, and get on-the-hour real-time analytics and insights with poynt HQ
It enables you to conveniently engage your customers, carry out surveys, and give feedback in real-time. It even stores your customers’ purchase history.
Your customers get to choose what format they want to receive their payment receipts -- via SMS text or email so enable you to your customer and collect customers information for future marketing campaigns
The flexibility of the tool enables you to personalize its functions by uploading, and incorporate your company design to both the customer-facing screen and the printed receipts.

The terminal is mobile and can move around your store and out side. If you want to take orders while customers are waiting in line, take payments from curbside pickup or take it to the storeroom to do inventory you can do that. With a 3G/4G device, you can even take it on deliveries or to the farmer’s market.

At POYNT 5 you have options to Text message and Email the receipt to customers as the focused on design was size in order to make it convenient to move it around. (POYNT 5 doses not have a printer)

Below is a list of printers that are supported by the Poynt device.

Wireless Printers: Print wirelessly to one of these wireless printers.

    • Thermal
      • STAR TSP100/TSP143Lan
      • EPSON TM-m30
    • Impact
      • STAR SP700
      • EPSON TM-U220B

Bluetooth Printer:

    • Star Micronics Mini T220i
    • Star mPOP