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Different business goes with different virtual payment terminals but, when it comes to restaurant management business, nothing can beat pay at table credit card terminals. In the case of restaurant management business, the time that is taken for making payment matters the most. Therefore, as a manager or restaurant owner, you will always want to minimize this time.

Well, with the help of pay at the table credit card terminal, you can do it easefully. Forget the traditional payment method where customers need to wait at the point of sale system to complete the transaction or they need to give their cards to the staff. Now, with pay at table credit card terminal, they can make their payment at the table. Yes, your wait staff will take this portable and wireless device to the table while giving them the bill. Your customer will review the bill and make the payment instantly by swiping or tapping the card on the machine.

How Pay at Table Credit Card Terminal Effects Restaurant Management

Pay at table credit card terminal plays a very impactful role in the restaurant management process. Go through the following points to know more about it.

  • Bigger Operational Efficiency: When you are enabling flexible bill payment options, you are actually making the operational efficiency greater and better. Pay at table terminal basically flattens the curve of a complicated payment system. Yes, the payment is done in just one interaction instead of following multiple steps. Moreover, the customer at the restaurant does not need to go to the poynt terminal. It ultimately saves a lot of time.
  • Increase The Number of Table Turns at Restaurant: Well, this point is inextricably associated with the first one. When you accept payments through pay at the table terminal, you are actually eliminating the traditional payment process and reducing the overall time of the payment process. Therefore, your service gets improved and consequently, you can increase the number of table turns at your restaurant. Moreover, your customers do not have to stand in the queue for a long period of time and they will get a satisfactory customer experience.
  • Make The Tipping Much Easier: If you are running a restaurant business, you can understand very well that some customers get confused while paying tips. Well, some may think that they are providing a good amount as a tip while some may not. So, why don’t you make the tipping much easier? Yes, you can do it easefully with pay at table credit card terminal. It has the capability to calculate what percentage and how much one should pay as a tip.
  • Increase Customer Engagement: Pay at the table terminal increases customer engagement. The staff of your restaurant waits beside the table throughout the complete transaction and it provides an opportunity for your staff to engage more with the customers. Moreover, such credit card machines allow customers to share their experience by completing a short survey. Through this, the manager can easily get to know the customer experience.
  • Minimize Fraudulent Activities: Pay at the table is one of the most secured and user- friendly terminals. Here, the customers do not need to hand over their credit card to the staffs. They can do the whole transaction on their own by just swiping or tapping the card on the machine. Ultimately, it minimizes fraudulent activities as the whole transaction happens in front of him. Unlike the traditional payment method where the customers have to hand over the card. It gives them a peace of mind and the rest of the thing depends upon the merchant service that you have chosen for your business. If you have the best merchant processor in Canada, you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Enhancement In Profit: Providing satisfactory customer experience, turning the tables faster, operating the service more efficiently will give you positive outcomes in the form of a bigger profit. Yes, advanced virtual payment terminals such as pay at the table credit terminal are giving good shapes to every business and yours will not be an exception as well if you don’t make any sort of mistake in implementation.

Best Choice For You

Everyone looks for the best option for their business and this is why we have come up with the best option for you- International Payment Solutions.

International Payment Solutions offers pay at the table terminal that will elevate your business to the next level. We have added the key features of this service below; so, don’t miss it:

  • This payment solution offers various payment options as well as integration and it can be integrated with most of the POS systems available in the market.
  • Enhanced processing speed so that you can do more transactions in a day and your business never gets paused.
  • Equipped with the latest technologies and safety standards.
  • Accepts multiple payment options such as TAP payment or NFC payment, EMV, mobile pay, Google pay and even Apple pay.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with International Payment Solutions as early as possible.

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