Ingenico Move 5000

Long/Short Range Terminals

The beauty of the Move 5000 is You can use it as short rang terminal by connecting the device to Wifi and also its capable to insert a sim card and works as log range terminal

The Ingenico move 5000 has a new user-friendly interface. It has a new user-friendly interface.It is one of the best mobile and portable payment terminals of the moment.

Move 5000 is capable to connect to Wifi or 3G, its a right option if you want to get paid at table or at customer's door!

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Ingenico Move 5000 terminal

Key features:

  • Wifi or LTE connectivity
  • Touch screen with long battery life
  • Fast and reliable
  • Absolute security

Move 5000 specifications

It accepts contactless payment, EMV chip payment cards, swipe track or strip cards magnetic and emerging payment solutions (mobile payment applications (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay…) and contactless collection from connected objects.
The Ingenico Move 5000 LTE/Wifi payment terminal - a wireless device - is dedicated for several types of use: mobile use (outside or everywhere) thanks to mobile networks ( 3G / LTE- GPRS) and its battery long term / one indoor use in portable mode with Wifi to connect to the Internet .
The Move 5000 range complies with the PCI-PTS 4.x security standard, which guarantees the most sophisticated cryptography, implemented within the TELIUM 3.X operating system. Plus our Safe-T-Solo solution make it impervious.
The Ingenico Move 5000 equipped with a large 3.5-inch touch screen and a stylus. Its fluid and redesigned interface offers a user-friendly experience. Navigation within the terminal is intuitive and simple.