Embed Giving Away Their Mobile Wallet Free For One Year As A Relief Act Amid COVID-19

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Embed is considered as one of the leading companies that supply the revenue management system and point of sale system for the amusement industry. The company has recently announced that they are going to give away their mobile wallet. This is an award-winning innovation free for one year to their existing as well as new customers.

The wallet will be mostly used by the FEC operators otherwise known as Family Entertainment Centre. Well, it is a COVID-19 Relief Act from Embed and through this wallet, FEC operators will be capable of offering customers contactless payment and an unforgettable FEC experience.

Yesterday, Renee Welsh, Embed Chief Executive said, “it is unmistakable that people don’t want to touch cash, coins, papers or anything that transmits viruses. This acts as a forcing function for our industry to become tech-savvy overnight. Embed has the contactless solution. They have this solution for the mobile wallet as well as mobile portal that the industry needs to recover. So it feels right and good that we give it away for free.”

In addition to this, Embed announced that their COVID-19 Relief Act symbolizes the powerful demonstration of their commitment to the industry’s recovery and customers.

Embed Chief Executive also added, “we want to do our part to support our customers prepare for their reopening day. We thought long and hard about how we can do this, and we decided to give away our latest award-winning innovation, the Mobile Wallet, free for 11-year to everyone.”

According to Renee Welsh, the company is also in the process of including a capacity management system. This system will be included to their mobile portal. He said, “we are giving this to all our new and existing customers for free. We know how important it is to our customers to have contactless payments to safeguard their overall customer experience. We felt this would be the most powerful demonstration of our commitment to our customers and our industry’s recovery.”

The company has been working very closely with its partners as well as customers for gathering information. Their foremost objective is to make the situation better; they are making strategies for reopening days.

The most interesting fact is that Embed made such conversation available to the industry. This conversation was made available for the first time via their EmbedLIVE series. This is because Embed knew that such transparent and authentic would bring positive outcomes in the industry.

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