All You Need To Know About Email Campaign Tips To Boost Customer Loyalty

Email Marketing

Considering the present situation where people are going on self-quarantine and business owners are taking their business online, email campaign has become one of the most important aspects. If you are running an online business, you have to give importance to the email marketing as it is one of the best ways to increase profitability as well as member engagement.

There are so many merchant processor solutions such as International Payment Solutions otherwise known as IPS through which you can take your business online. But, when it comes to the email marketing, the entire thing depends upon the solution that merchant chosen. IPS provide solutions that helps your business grow by collecting customer’s information such as Email and phone number after each transaction.

Email is one of the effective ways through which you can promote your products and services, connect with the customers virtually, and overall enhance the engagement with them and increase customer loyalty. It allows you to nurture and build a good relationship with your clients. Moreover, you can also increase your sales through email campaigns. You can even send an invoice integrated with the ‘pay now’ button through email so that your customers can directly make payments online.

However, you can avail of these benefits if you can run your email campaign program properly. Many merchants stumble when it comes to handling email marketing programs. Therefore, we have come up with some useful tips regarding the email marketing program.

So, have a look at the effective way of Email marking and how increase Customer’s loyalty.

  • Don’t Forget To Send Welcome Email To Your New Customers: The first impression can become your last impression and therefore, you should always send a welcome email consisting of alluring offers to the new members or customers of your network. This is the best opportunity to enhance engagement with your new customer. Don’t forget to add exclusive products along with the offers related to it in the welcome mail.
  • Highlight The Benefits: When someone joins your email loyalty program, it will be your responsibility to let the person know about all the offers that you are offering. You should unveil all the benefits so that the new member can earn more points through your program. If there are any hidden terms and conditions, you will also have to share it with the new consumer. Moreover, you will also have to highlight the selling points.
  • Customize The Mail To Give It A Personal Touch: Sometimes, you have to cross the professionalism to give a personal touch to the mail. If a customer gets some sort of subjective touch from your end, the relationship becomes strong and the number of sales gets enhanced. In order to make the mail more subjective, you can add the first name of your customer to the subject line and along with it, you can mention the points that the customers have earned for joining the email campaign program.
  • Always Add Call To Action Options: There are certain things that your customers need to do so that you as a merchant can make extra profit. So, for availing of this benefit, you have to add a ‘call to action’ option to the mail. You can ask your new customers or members to download your app or complete their preferences or profile online. You can ask them to participate in a survey for earning more reward points. You can also offer them gift cards that they can use while making online credit card payments. As a merchant, you always have to be direct and open to your customers. You can offer them some welcome reward points in order to encourage them to do the tasks.
  • Always Celebrate Achievements And Milestones: Happiness is increased when it is shared and therefore, don’t forget to celebrate milestones and achievements. Email loyalty programs basically allow you to build a long-term relationship with the consumers. But, if you don’t know how to maintain it, there will be a disaster. So, you have to identify the key dates. After that, you need to create personalized automated emails and send those emails to your customers on those special dates.
  • Birthday Emails: Sending birthday email is one of the easiest strategies to maintain a good relationship between merchants and consumers. Basically, it shows that you are taking care of your consumers. In order to make it more attractive, you can provide a special discount offer to the consumer. Moreover, you have to make sure that you use a festive tone while writing the birthday mail.

Not An IPS Merchant?

If you want to start an email campaign program, you must need a merchant account and for that, you have to pair your business with a merchant processor.and collect the customer information,we have solutions to differentiate you from your competitors by grow your customers loyalty.

Well, International Payment Solutions that is a reputable payment processor in Canada is known for its efficiency and customer satisfaction. We provide a Online platform and Smart terminals such as Clover Flex and Mini ad Poynt smart terminal that helps you collect your customers contact information automatically for future campaigns and offers endless payment solutions that will surely give solid shape to your business. Therefore, if you want to sharpen the curve of your business, you must get in touch with International Payment Solutions’s customer loyalty program.

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    First Data (Fiserv) Merchant Service Will Pay $40 Million In Federal Trade Commission Deal Over Consumer Scams

    Credit Card Scam

    First Data merchant service has come to an agreement with the Federal Trade Commission over consumer scams. The company will pay $40 million to settle the claim by FTC. According to FTC, the Company laundered credit card transactions and processed payments for scams targeting thousands of consumers.

    According to this agency, “The ex-vice president of this company through his former company First Pay Solutions, opened hundreds of fake merchant accounts and shell companies to take payments from the unwary”.

    The company said:

    “This agreed resolution, which relates to a single U.S.-based ISO within the wholesale channel, is in the best interest of First Data Merchant Services, our clients and their customers, and consumers. We remain committed to ensuring that our business partners and merchants operate with integrity, and our enhanced practices will enable us to continue to lead the industry in fraud prevention, and business and consumer protection. Resolving this matter allows us to remain focused on serving our clients and their customers with excellence, and supporting our associates during this critical time”.

    FTC claimed that First Data that is considered as one of the biggest payment processing companies in the US has received many warnings and direct evidence regarding the ex-vice president. Still, the company allowed Ko and First Pay to open merchant accounts till 2014.

    The agency said, “First Data is paying $40 million because it repeatedly looked the other way while its payment processing services were being used to commit fraud,” said Daniel Kaufman, deputy director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. “When companies fail to screen out fraudsters exploiting the payment processing system to steal people’s money, they’re breaking the law — and injuring consumers”.

    FTC filed a complaint in the Federal Court in Manhattan. The agency announced that they would do a settlement with Ko and First Data.

    Fiserv Inc. that acquired First Data merchant service in July said in a statement, “The settlement relates to a single U.S.-based independent sales organization and that the deal is in the best interest of First Data Merchant Services, our clients and their customers, and consumers”.

    Britt Zarling, a representative of Fiserv said in a statement, “The company remains “committed to ensuring that our business partners and merchants operate with integrity”.

    Jim Walden, lawyer for Ko is of the opinion that his client will pay more than $270,000 to settle a claim that First Pay Solutions “allowed a small number of rogue independent agents to sign up fraudster merchants for credit card processing”.

    This article provided by Bloomberg News.

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      IPS’s New Pay At The Table Terminal Lets You Handle Your Restaurant Business Flawlessly

      retail or restaurant

      Standing in the 21st century, we can say that the restaurant business is considered as one of the most profitable businesses. But, with the advancement of technology, every business has become technology-driven and restaurant business is not an exception.

      There are so many aspects of inextricably associated with the restaurant business. But, one of them is the payment process that can either make or break your business. This is why, here, we are going to tell you how you can handle your restaurant business flawlessly with the help of pay at table terminal.

      International Payment Solutions New Pay At Table Terminal

      International Payment Solutions otherwise known as IPS is one of the most reputable merchant processor solutions that offer various payment solutions. IPS takes care of their merchants and therefore, they always keep updating their online store. They have recently updated their online store with the new pay at the table terminal through which merchants can accept credit card payments conveniently.

      The pay at Table payment terminal of International Payment Solutions is designed especially for food and beverage and restaurant businesses. Through this device, merchants can set up a food ordering system online and it also allows them to operate all the other things of a restaurant business very easily. But, this is just like the iceberg; if you want to know what are there under the water, go through the following points:

      • Enhance The Operational Efficiency: Pay at the table payment terminal at International Payment Solutions is designed in such a way so that it can save time as well as steps of the business owner. With this advanced payment terminal, online bill payments can be done in just one step. Moreover, the customers do not need to go to the point of sale system.
      • Faster Table Turns: Well, with IPS semi-integrated pay at table devices, you can increase your table turns by 10% to 15%. Pay at table device is one of the fruitful outcomes of advanced technology and it eliminates the traditional ways of accepting payments and replaces the old method with the latest streamlined process. As a result, you will have faster table turns and you can serve more people.
      • Increase Customer Engagement: Pay at table payment terminal eliminates the traditional way where customers drop check and walk away. Here, the way of accepting card payments is different. The staff stands beside the table holding the payment terminal throughout the transaction. Therefore, it allows the staff to ask the customers about their experience. Moreover, if the customers face any unsatisfactory experience, the manager will be instantly alerted with this device. Along with this, the advanced payment terminal enhances the payment security as in such a case, the customers do not need to hand over their credit cards to the staff; they can complete the transaction by tapping or swiping the credit card on the payment terminal. This gesture delivers complete peace of mind to the customers and they start thinking that their identity is not compromised.

      Well, these are just the basic advantages that you as a business owner can avail of with the help of this payment terminal. But, you might be surprised to know that there are many more that are beyond your imagination.

      Yes, you can actually make an online store and add your food item over there. It basically allows the customers to make orders online for curbside pickup or take-out. If you offer a delivery service, you can even collect the addresses of the customers and pass the information to your delivery team.

      It is very easy to add e-commerce functionality to your restaurant business with the help of the IPS online store. The merchant processor offers several tools through which you can

      • Offer simple and fast checkout experience to your customers
      • Integrate all your existing tax settings into your online store.
      • Let your customers customize the food items through the Product Add-on tool.

      If you don’t have any website, you can simply create one with the help of the fully-hosted online store of IPS and after that you can easily integrate your quick order menu into your site. On the other side, if you already have any website, you can easily add your quick-order menu to your existing website using the embed feature. Moreover, IPS also offers HTML code for your quick menu and in such a case, you just need to copy the code. No programming knowledge is required.

      Not An International Payment Solutions Merchant?

      IPS offers all-in-one counter terminals that offer powerful memory, high-transaction speed, and smooth connection. It has the following features:

      • Integration with most POS systems available in the market
      • Numerous payment options
      • Accurate and better processing speed
      • Industry latest technologies and safety standards

      So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with International Payment Solutions today.

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        MasterCard Has Taken A Good Step For The Staffs- They Don’t Need To Return To Office Until Virus Concerns Abate


        It is quite evident that the number of credit card transactions has been drastically increased amid COVID-19 and therefore, credit card networks such as MasterCard are trying their best to provide satisfactory services.

        MasterCard Incorporated which is an American multinational financial services corporation headquartered in New York, United States, understands this present concern and therefore, they have taken a very good step for their staff. They are allowing the staff to work from home until they are comfortable returning without fear of contracting the coronavirus.

        Michael Fraccaro, Chief People Officer said, “We expect in the coming weeks and months that more employees will continue to work from home than come into the office. We are OK with that. We support that choice”.

        Fraccaro further added, “The Company is also considering office consolidation and examining its real estate footprint, according to the news service. The world’s second-biggest payment processor is headquartered in Westchester, N.Y., and employs nearly 20,000 people worldwide”.

        The Company is also thinking about the future of its real estate needs. Moreover, the Company has made a task force that is called the “future of work” task force to determine the way forward.

        Almost 90% workforce of this company is working remotely in both the U.S. and overseas locations such as Shanghai and Beijing.

        Employees who are working in offices are maintaining social distancing. Moreover, masks and temperature checks have become compulsory.

        Fraccaro told, “Once there is adequate testing and there is a vaccine and people feel comfortable to return, then we may see more. But in the early phases it will be vastly less than what we had”.

        The report has come this week on Twitter, which called for all employees to begin working remotely in March, announced that some workers will be able to permanently work from home after restrictions are lifted.

        MasterCard representative for Twitter told BuzzFeed last week said, “We’ve been very thoughtful in how we’ve approached this from the time we were one of the first companies to move to a work-from-home model. We’ll continue to be, and we’ll continue to put the safety of our people and communities first”.

        Jennifer Christie, the company’s head of human resources said, “People who were reticent to work remotely will find that they really thrive that way. Managers who didn’t think they could manage teams that were remote will have a different perspective. I do think we won’t go back”.

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          Almost 15 Million Credit Card Bills Were Not Paid In April

          Acquirer Service Assessment Fee

          Many Americans have lost their job and shops are closed due to COVID-19. In short, the country is facing a big economic crisis. In this critical situation, a new data from TransUnion, a credit-reporting firm has come out. According to this data, millions of Americans are drastically failed to make payments on their credit cards and auto loans on April.

          Well, it is quite obvious that the credit card transactions have been increased after the arrival of this pandemic as people are using it to buy household and other essential items. But, the shocking part is that lenders had almost 15 million credit cards in “financial hardship” programs. These programs include deferrals that allow borrowers to temporarily forgo making payments.

          According to TransUnion, “These credit cards make up roughly 3 percent of the credit card accounts that it tracks. Additionally, almost 3 million auto loans — which TransUnion also tracks — were in hardship programs in April. Those unpaid auto loans make up roughly 3.5 percent of auto loans tracked by the company”.

          The report also showed, “Both figures are markedly higher than a year ago, when just 0.03 percent of credit cards and 0.5 percent of auto loans were in financial hardship programs, the Journal reports”.

          Moreover, there are many personal loans that went unpaid. Approximately 840,000 of these personal loans deferred or put into some kind of financial hardship program. TransUnion’s estimates include accounts that borrowers asked to be paused or were frozen.

          The spike of unpaid loans and credit cards comes amid rising unemployment in the U.S., with the rate of jobless Americans swelling to nearly 15 percent during the pandemic. Over 36.5 million Americans have filed for unemployment since the crisis began.

          In addition to this, millions of Americans also have not yet paid their car payments. It is considered as another monetary devastation of coronavirus pandemic.

          As coronavirus instances surged within the U.S. and companies shut down, tens of millions of individuals instructed their lenders they wouldn’t have the ability to pay their payments. Some lenders have allowed debtors to overlook funds for so long as a number of months on bank cards, auto loans and private loans.

          According to the TransUnion, “Customers who can’t pay could possibly be despatched to collections. Their credit score scores may additionally drop considerably, making it tougher for them to entry reasonably priced credit score sooner or later”.

          Visa Postpones International Acquirer Service Assessment Fee Increases

          Visa Interchange Reimbursement Fees

          Visa’s International Acquirer fee is one of several assessment fees that are generally applied to Visa transactions. It often applies in conjunction with the International Service Assessment otherwise known as ISA Fee. This fee is generally applied to the transactions which are made with cards issued outside of the United States. If a foreign customer uses their card at your business, the fee will be applied.

          Visa began charging this fee in October of 2009. According to CardFellow which is a Credit Card processing company. At present, one pays 0.45% for transactions acquired within the United State. Involving a card issued by a bank outside of the United States. The International Acquirer Service Assessment Fee is one of the two assessment fees that Visa now charges for this type of transaction.

          However, considering the present situation, Visa postpones International Acquirer Service Assessment Fee increases.

          Visa that is an American multinational financial services corporation.  Announced that there will be a further delay in the implementation of their International Acquirer Service Assessment Fee increases. Increases to Canadian currency and Issuer currency transactions will now go into effect on 17th April 2021.

          Visa’s Assessment Fees

          Assessment fees are how Visa makes money. Whenever, you take a Visa card at your business, the transaction incurs assessment fees from Visa, which your credit card processor passes to you. Assessment fees are the same for every processor;  individual businesses are not negotiating with visa.

          International Acquirer Fee

          As noted earlier, the IAF applies to transactions in the United States with credit cards issued by banks outside the United States. It can apply to both card-present (swiped) transactions and card-not-present (e-commerce or phone) transactions. If you have a lot of foreign customers (either tourists making in-person purchases or foreign clients purchasing online) you’ll see the IAF regularly.

          Currently, Visa sets the International Acquirer Fee at 0.45% of the transaction total. Layering of assesment fees, meaning you’ll often pay more than one assessment fee on a single transaction. The IAF frequently occurs with Visa’s international service assessment. While they’re separate fees, both apply under the same circumstances.

          The International Acquirer Fee (0.45%), International Service Assessment (0.80%), and Visa’s standard assessment (0.11%) will all apply to transactions involving a credit card issued outside of the United States, bringing the total charge (beyond interchange) to 1.36%.

          The international assessments are higher than other Visa assessment fees, partially due to the increased risks and complexity of international payments.

          Fiserv Is Adding New Online Orders Feature To Its Clover POS Platform

          Online orders can change everything. Fiserv, Inc. which is a global provider of financial services technology. Headquartered in Brookfield, United States has recently added some new features to its Clover POS platform. The foremost objective is to help the restaurants to connect with the customers while streamlining the fulfilment of online orders.

          Talking about the present situation, restaurant merchants are badly affected. They closed the dining rooms of the restaurants because of the COVID-19 and started pick-up and delivery business models. Well, this business model requires digital ordering capabilities and online presence.

          Keeping the present concerns in mind, Fiserv has upgraded its Clover POS platform. It does not matter where the customer is, the upgraded Clover POS platform allows the restaurant merchants to receive as well as process orders for pick-up. More than 1,500 restaurants are using Clover Online Ordering within three weeks of its availability.

          The upgraded POS platform allows the restaurant owners to receive online orders from two different ordering services that are mentioned below:
          • Clover App: Customers can place their orders by making online payments on the Clover app. They can also accumulate reward points and redeem promotional offers from their favourite restaurants.
          • Clover Online Ordering Websites: The Clover online ordering websites allow the customers to place orders from a menu. Here, the menu is a kind of web page that is created by the Clover and it can be easily integrated with the website of the business or it can be used as a standalone web page.

          Clover is a kind of POS platform that has already distributed more than one million devices globally. The annualized payment volume is more than 100 billion. Well, this business management platform also allows the customers to pay using credit or debit cards or via mobile wallets such as Google Pay, Samsung Pay or Apple Pay. Online orders are the new way.

          In addition to this, Fiserv has announced its new CEO on 7th May 2020. The Board of Directors has elected Frank Bisignano in place of Yabuki as the new Chief Executive Officer. Yabuki will continue as Executive Chairman for the remainder of 2020.

          The CEO Yabuki said. “With the successful integration of First Data well underway, this is the right time for Frank to lead the next phase of the company’s evolution”. Yabuki and Fran have been working very closely for the past 18 months. Yabuki further said, “Frank has been leading our global business with an absolute commitment to excellence”.

          Prohibition Lifted From Internet Gaming And Tobacco

          internet gaming

          The coronavirus outbreak is flattening the curve of everything but there are some exceptions. Yes, the bad news is that retailers are compelled to close the door of their outlets. On the other side, too many good news is coming for the online industry, internet gaming and tobacco.

          There is no further prohibition  from Legal Internet Gaming and Internet Tobacco by PPS USA. This is also a positive scenario for merchant processing companies as they are now capable of accepting applications from these two industries.

          About PPS USA

          PPS USA was established in 2006 in order to fulfill the demands of the merchants without compromising the standards set for customer service and support. The founder said, “Together with our processing partner, Elavon, we bring integrated and secure solutions with EMV capability and PCI compliance. Extract maximum value from your merchant services provider. Let PPS leverage the world’s best technologies to optimize the vitality of your business”.

          “PPS USA ensures that our customers receive ongoing product awareness, necessary upgrade notifications, and any relevant data that bestows knowledge and nurtures growth and simplicity. The integrity of our relationship is the greatest promoter of longevity”.

          Well, PPS USA is doing their jobs very well. They have moved the Internet Tobacco as well as Internet Gaming from the prohibited MCC list to the Elevated Risk MCC list.

          MCC stands for Merchant Category Code and this step has put the following MCCs for boarding a MID:

          • Internet Gaming- MCC Code 7995, sub-MCC 6380
          • Government-Owned Lotteries- MCC Code 7800, sub-MCC 7029
          • Government Licensed Casinos- MCC Code 7801, sub-MCC 7030
          • Non Face to Face Tobacco Products- MCC Code 5993, sub- MCC 6018
          • Government Licensed Horse/ Dog Racing- MCC 7802, sub- MCC 7031

          Well, it is quite clear that users can now make an online payment for gaming, online payment for casino, and online payment for tobacco products.

          However, these businesses will always be considered to be an SRC otherwise known as Special Recruitments Customer. These will go through the Enhanced Due Diligence Process.

          Legal Internet Gaming Details

          “Any prospective customer must be an established mature business entity that can fully satisfy the Legal Internet Gaming credit/risk checklist requirements, which includes having all appropriate licensing. The standard paper application process applies for government entities, and customers must sign the Internet Gaming addendum”.

          Internet Tobacco Details
          When it comes to Internet Tobacco business, the following information must be kept in mind
          • Vaping products, as well as electronic cigarettes, will remain prohibited.
          Additional due diligence  for Internet Tobacco customers and it includes:
          • Validation by the Website Review Team that the customer website meets the standard requirements, includes an age-verification process and does not offer prohibited products.
          • Manual credit underwriting review.
          Ensuring the Card Brand Network requirements.

          Do you own Internet Gaming or  online-Tobacco business?
          Do you need merchant account for you business?
          Contact us today we help you through the process

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 Shows Huge Growth In Online Transaction

          online transaction
 which is a leading e-commerce platform provider reveals that there is a 36% increase in online transactions.

 is one of the leading e-commerce platform providers for recurring billing as well as order management. According to this platform, there is a 365 spike in overall online transaction in the past 30 days. Well, the coronavirus outbreak is playing an impactful role behind this. People are on self-quarantine, offline markets are closed and therefore, online shopping is the only option left for them.

          However, direct-to-consumer businesses are also facing several problems in this critical situation. But, health, beauty and wellness sectors are at a very firm position.

          A report published by eMarketer has revealed that US consumers are giving more preference to online transaction shopping in order to avoid brick-and-mortar. The study conducted by Bizrate Insights shows that food, beverage and health product purchases have sharpened the curve of online shopping.

          On the other side, the digital purchasing of cloth, shoes and other accessories is decreased by 4%. Well, this is quite obvious as consumers are on self-quarantine and it means that they living indoors where clothing does not play an important role. Instead of it, they are purchasing groceries and other essential things.

          Online payment for health and pharmaceutical products is increased by 6%. As a matter of fact, people have started working from home and this is why they need office setup at home. As a result, the purchase of digital office equipment is increased by 4%.

          Brian Bogosian, CEO and President of said. “Our data shows that online transaction spending is not only steady. But is growing at an accelerated rate, particularly our clients in the health and wellness categories”. He further added, “Consumers are increasingly shopping online to replace what was historically accomplished in-store, and our platform is supporting our client’s success in meeting this growing demand”.

 has made a brief breakdown of the transaction volume:

          • The overall transaction volume is increased by 36.1%
          • Revenue growth is increased by 62%
          • AOV is increased by 9.3%
          • Health as well as wellness category transaction volume is increased by 79%
          • Beauty category transaction volume is increased by 17.7%

          Bogosian said. “Our digitally native merchants are well ahead of the curve. While many brands have had to re-strategize and pivot their e-commerce online transaction operations”. He also said. “The DTC category remains strong, and we are in a unique position to help our clients benefit in this new environment”.

          How To Start Online Business?

          Online business

          Internet is playing an impactful role in the sphere of business and this is why everyone is taking their business online. If you are someone who wants to start an internet business; you are in the right place. Many entrepreneurs do mistakes while starting internet business; as a result, most of them do not get fruitful outcomes. But, we have come up with some useful tips that will definitely give you the taste of success. So, go through the following points to know more about how to start internet business.

          Start A Business That Can Fulfil The Need Of Most People: People who are planning to start a new business generally do a big mistake in the beginning by giving more importance to the product than its marketing. Yes, for them, the product comes first and marketing comes second. If you really want to get the taste of success in your online business, you have to study the need of people first. Yes, you have to search over the internet for a group of people who are looking for a solution but not getting this properly. As a new businessman, you must associate your business with something or some sort of service that is not easily available anywhere. If you are not getting this information, make the internet your good buddy. You can do the following things over the internet:
          • Visit various online forums and see what people are looking for and what kind of solution they are getting.
          • You must have a good knowledge of keywords if you want to get into an online business. Look for keywords that people are searching the most. However, you also have to check whether the keywords have a high-level of competition with other sites or not.
          • Know your competitors very well. Visit their sites and observe how they are operating and how they are fulfilling the demands of their customers. Nothing can be perfect in this realistic world and your competitors must have loopholes in their businesses. You have to find out those things and make a strategy that must be better than your competitors.
          Write Attractive Copies: So, after deciding the product or service that you are going to offer, you need to attract your visitors. You can do this by making attractive copies or website content for your business. Here, we have added some strategies regarding this:
          • Make your headline compelling so that it can arouse interest
          • Describe the service that you are offering or if you want to sell any product; describe the problem that your product is going to solve.
          • Establish the credibility of your business by solving the problems of your customer.
          • Don’t forget to add the testimonials from the people who have used your service or product.
          • Try to talk more about the product and how your customers can benefit from this.
          • Make attractive offers of starting online business.
          • Make a strong guarantee; it will create a strong impression upon your customers.

          Throughout the article, you must highlight the uniqueness of your business. It will help you to attract more visitors.

          Build Your Website: If you have followed these two steps mentioned above, your selling process is almost done. Now, it is time to make a website for your business. So, how your business website should be? Go through the following points as we have added some tips for you:
          • Choose plain fonts (one or two) on a white background.
          • You have to make your navigation simple as well as clear. It must be the same on every page.
          • People believe that using attractive graphics, audios and videos make the website attractive. But, it is completely a wrong concept. Yes, you can use these things if they are enhancing your product or service. You should not include them unnecessarily.
          • You must add an opt-in offer. It will help you to collect the email addresses of your customers. You can send promotional mails them.
          • Never make the purchasing process complicated. Make it as easy as possible. Customers can purchase their products in just one or two clicks.
          • The interface of your website should be customer-friendly.
          Include Online Payment Method: Technology is making everything advanced and therefore an outdated payment method can drag your business back. It is important to start online business. Pair your business website with an online payment gateway through which you can accept payment online. For that, you need to tie up with a merchant processor solutions that will handle this thing. Having online bill payment services will keep your business ahead of others as in such a case, the customers do not have to rely on ‘pay on delivery’. They can pay online and get the service instantly. Moreover, you don’t have to wait much for getting your payment.

          Having a proper merchant processor for your business is very important; otherwise, you will lose your customers. Therefore, we will recommend you to get in touch with International Payment Solutions where you will get all kinds of payment services through which you can elevate your business to the next level conveniently.