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Americans Are Mistakenly Throwing Their Stimulus Payments- IRS Alerts

The US government has started giving stimulus payments as prepaid debit cards to the Americans amid COVID-19. They can make their online payments through this card. This card can consist of up to $1200 for single taxpayers.

But, Americans are mistakenly throwing their stimulus payments and therefore, Internal Revenue Service or IRS made an announcement regarding some recently delivered stimulus payments, “Pay attention if you get a plain envelop in the mail that is marked Money Network Cardholder Services”. IRS said, “It is not a scam. It is real stimulus cash”.

Many Americans have already lost their jobs; their credit cards are blocked. Considering the situation, the IRS along with the U.S. Treasury Department has started sending out Economic Impact Payments as prepaid debit cards last week. Almost 4 million Americans are waiting for their money. They are expecting their money in the form of an EIP Card.

But, the problem is that these Visa debit cards are issued by MetaBank that is considered as the Treasury’s financial agent. Therefore, these cards are delivered in plain envelopes from Money Network Cardholder Services. The cards are marked as Visa debit card and the back of the card has the logo for MetaBank. But, Americans are not familiar with this term. Consequently, reports of people mistaking these for pre-approved credit-card junk mail or scams have been popping up across the country. In some cases, people have even thrown away the debit cards containing their long-awaited stimulus money before they realized their mistake. Stimulus Payments have a crucial role to play.

Report says, people are expecting a stimulus check from the U.S. Treasury.

The federal government has already delivered stimulus payments worth $239 billion to almost 140 million Americans. The money has arrived in a variety of ways ever since April, including direct deposit to bank accounts, Direct Express cards connected to other federal programs, and by receiving a paper check in the regular mail.

Jacke Dollar, geriatric care manager in Des Moines, Iowa said that she immediately cut up the Visa debit card after opening the envelope o Tuesday. She actually never wanted one and so, when she got this one in the mail, she instantly cut it up.

But, after the announcement from IRS, she said, “Today I was thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, I bet it’s that stimulus thing”.

She admits that it is not the fault of IRS for sending her a stimulus payment via a debit card. She admits, “I cut it up myself”.

Americans Are Mistakenly Throwing Their Stimulus Payments- IRS Alerts
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Americans Are Mistakenly Throwing Their Stimulus Payments- IRS Alerts
The US government is giving stimulus payments as prepaid debit cards. The federal government has already delivered stimulus payments worth $239 billion.
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