How To Market The Loyalty Program For The Betterment Of Your Business

Loyalty Program

It does not matter whether it is small or big. If you are into a business and want to get the taste of success, you must start a loyalty program. A loyalty program allows you to provide various rewards. Such as exclusive member event pass, gift cards, discount, freebies and many more. In order to encourage your consumers so that they can do more payments online for availing of your services.

Well, there are various types of loyalty programs but here, we are not going to tell you about these. What we are going to let you know is about the implementation of the loyalty program. Yes, it is a fact that a loyalty program has the capability to enhance the overall number of sales but, implementing a loyalty program effectively is not as easy as it sounds.

Actually, it has become a major concern for many businessmen. Inspire of having advanced payment solutions such as virtual terminal, credit and debit card machine, business owners are not getting desired outcomes. The main reason behind it is the ineffective implementation of loyalty programs. Therefore, keeping this point in mind, we have come up with some tips through which you can successfully market your loyalty or reward program for the betterment of your business.

Create A Successful Customer Loyalty Program

If you are thinking that the loyalty program is quite complicated to implement, keep it aside for a moment. But, the first thing that you need to do for boosting the growth of your business is to provide a satisfactory experience to your customers. If you can provide a positive and unforgettable customer experience, you will be able to turn them into regulars. Thus, your customers will become your brand advocate and they will promote your business through mouth advertising.

Now, if we talk about the loyalty program, it is something that can help you to create a positive customer experience. In order to generate a successful loyalty program, you must offer your consumers an easy registration or sign-up process. Moreover, you have to train your employees so that they can communicate with your customers in a delicate manner. Along with these, you have to reveal all the advantages that your customers will get for joining your loyalty program. If there is an extra charge for anything, you also have to mention it.

Promote Your Customer Loyalty Program

Creating a successful loyalty program will not be enough if you don’t promote it. According to a loyalty report of Bond Brand, an average customer consists of almost 14 loyalty cards, but, he or she actively participates in the 50% of them.

This is happening because the loyalty program is not a new thing in the 21st century. There are many businesses operating customer loyalty programs but, customers do not give preference to all of them.

Therefore, if you really want to elevate your business to the next level, you must promote your customer loyalty program properly and so, we have come up with some tips that will definitely help you.

  • Customers are giving more preference to digital systems and therefore, you have to provide digital loyalty cards to your customers. Well, your customer can easily know about the reward point balance through a digital loyalty card. Moreover, it will instantly let them know whether they are eligible or not for any exclusive offers.
  • If you want to achieve a sweet spot in the digital wallet of your customers, you have to make your reward program timely and valuable. You need to ensure that your customers will get their first reward within a short period of time. It will ultimately encourage your customers to spend more on your products.
  • If you have an online store, you can offer a heavy discount to the new customers so that they instantly sign up for the reward program. You can make a pop-up message or a banner on the home page with attractive words. For example, you can write “sign up with us and get a 20% discount on your first purchase’.
  • Don’t forget to enable feedback options on your website so that you get feedback directly from your loyal customers. It will help you to improve your service and serve them better.
  • You can promote your loyalty or reward program on social networking sites and along with it, you have to make your sign up process as easy as possible.
  • You have to ensure that your employees have an adequate amount of knowledge about the perks and process. Moreover, you should provide training to your employees on how they can present the loyalty program to your customers.
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    Contactless Credit Cards Can Impede Coronavirus Risk

    Contactless Credit Card

    Contactless Credit Card is the way forward. People are thinking twice before going on a shopping trip. It does not matter whether you are using credit card or cash, you have to touch the payment terminal. Well, customers can expose themselves to the coronavirus. By doing so and this is why they want to avoid offline shopping.

    But, Bob Musinski, an award winning writer, editor and content strategist said that contactless credit cards can impede coronavirus risk. With the advancement of technology. We have now various types of contactless payment modes. Such as NFC payment, mobile wallet, contactless credit cards and many more. People should start using this to minimise physical interaction.

    Bob Musinski is giving more preference to the contactless credit cards as it is the most convenient way to make online payments.

    Customers can do contactless credit card payments by hovering the card near the merchant’s credit card terminal that supports contactless transaction. Customers can also use it by activating the credit card on the mobile app.

    The technology used in contactless transaction is called near-field communication or NFC. Through this technology, your cards, digital devices such as mobile can communicate with the payment terminal without touching it. Well, the fact is that this technology has been using for years. But, it is the right time to utilize this technology properly. According to a 2019 report from Javelin Strategy & Research, a market research and advisory services firm, four in 10 U.S. consumers own a contactless card.

    Bob Musinski said that contactless payments are safer than cash. Paper currency can consist of plenty of germs. Considering the present situation, it will not be a good move to go with paper cash and coins. Although there is no official notification from health organizations. That these are great vehicles for the spread of the coronavirus, it will always be better to use hand sanitizer or wash hands after touching credit card terminals.

    According to the recent surveys, People have adjusted their behaviour since the arrival of the coronavirus.

    According to a survey conducted by MasterCard, half of the MasterCard consumers have been started using cashless transactions since the pandemic started in the U.S. 77% consumers said that contactless transaction is a ‘cleaner way to pay’.

    According to American Express survey, most cardholders think that contactless payments are safer for personal health than using cash or inserting or swiping a credit card.

    Linda Kirkpatrick, president of U.S. issuers at MasterCard said, “The health aspect is really what’s driving the usage right now”.

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      Credit Card Company Cuts Staff Amid Restructuring Its Credit Card For Start-ups Business

      Credit Card

      The entire world is going through a bad phase. Americans are losing their jobs and credit card companies are lowering their credit limit for the cardholders. Standing in this critical situation, Brex is reconstructing its credit card for start-ups business. In order to cope up with the situation, they have cut 62 staff members. It is said in a blog post by the co-founders of this agency- Henrique Dubugras and Pedro Franceschi.

      The co-founders said, “Today we’re restructuring the company to better align our priorities with this new reality, while simultaneously accelerating our product vision. With that, I have some very sad news to share. 62 people will be leaving Brex today”.

      The main reason behind is the COVID-19. According to the company, the customer base is facing problems to stay afloat amid this emergency situation. The core business of Brex depends upon the transactions of the customers.

      As consumers are losing their sources of income and the amount that cardholders used to spend has been decreased during the coronavirus pandemic, it has become very difficult for this fintech company to sustain the cash flow of their business. Credit card is an attractive option.

      The Company has already reduced credit limits for some cardholders in order to keep the situation under control. Dubugras, one of the co-founders of this company has confirmed it. Customers are of the opinion that their card limit has been lowered without giving any notice or warning.

      In addition to this, the company has recently raised $150 million. When one of the co-founders is asked regarding the latest fundraise, he said that the capital was not defensive at all. Rather, it was offensive.

      He said, “I’m glad this round came together, but if it hadn’t, we would’ve been fine. The capital is so we can play offensive while everyone else plays defensive”. Credit card can work wonders.

      In a blog post, the co-founders wrote

      “Please continue dreaming big and don’t lose the ambition that attracted you to Brex. Don’t let anything, not even a global pandemic, take that away from you. I wish we could give each one of you a hug, so instead I’ll end this message like I’d do it in Portuguese. Abraços, Pedro and Henrique”.

      In addition to this, Brex also said that they are finding new opportunities for their ex-staffs. Credit card runs the economy.

      About Brex

      Brex is a fintech company that provides a corporate credit card called the Brex Card for technology, e-commerce, and life science companies. It was founded on 3rd January, 2017 and the Company is based in San Francisco, California.

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        Deliver Your Professional Services With The Help of IPS’s Latest Payment Solutions

        Payment Solutions

        Payment Solutions are taking ther lead. COVID-19 is flattening the growth of the businesses across various industries. Small business owners are sticking to the rules and regulations. Published by the governments in order to keep their customers as well as employees safe.

        Standing in the 21st century, we at International Payment Solutions have observed. That business owners that generally provide essential services are looking for advanced ways. So that they can accept credit card payments online and sustain the operations of their businesses. We have also seen the determination as well as the persistence of the business owners. That operate professional services and the fact is that we are very inspired to see their efforts. Therefore, here, we have come up with our latest payment solutions through which you can continue your professional services amid COVID-19.

        Before the arrival of this deadly virus, many professional services had been operating their businesses offline. But, now the scenario has been changed as customers are giving more preference to online bill payment services. So, if you want to continue your professional service, you must take your business online.

        The government has set different rules for different areas. So, before getting into this. We will recommend you to have a look at the restrictions and guidelines published by your government.

        There are various businesses that deliver professional services. This includes accountants, insurance brokers, financial service providers, engineers, translators, lawyers, realtors and paralegals are extensively considered as essential services. If you are one of them, you do not have to worry. With our payment solutions, you can conveniently operate your services while sticking to the rules and recommendations informed by the local health workers.

        Are You Accepting In-person Payments?

        We can understand that there are many professional services that require in-person payments. But, standing in the 21st century where you can easily get various payments terminals. Through which you can receive payment online, you need to give preference to cashless transactions. Still, if you are in a situation where you need to accept credit cards using physical payment terminals, you need to keep those payment terminals clean.

        We have added some tips for you. So, have a look at the following points:

        • You can use microfiber cloths in order to clean the external body of the physical payment terminals such as debit card and credit card machines.
        • You can also go with disinfectant spray to keep the terminals and the surroundings germ-free.
        • Do not clean your payment terminals with alcohol-based solutions as it can damage the entire system.
        • Never clean the smart card reader slot with any liquid cleaner.

        Keeping the terminals clean can prevent the spread of the COVID-19 germs from person to person. You can also encourage your customers to go with cashless transactions such as tap and pay or NFC payments.

        If you operate professional service and accept clients by appointment. You must have a waiting room in your office or home. So, in such a scenario, you should put a limit in the number of clients that you generally see throughout the office hour. Actually, it will help your clients to maintain physical distancing and consequently, it will mitigate the potential spread of COVID-19 germs.

        Accept Your Payments Online or Over The Phone

        Before accepting payments online, you must review your entire service to see whether you can temporarily provide services online or not. If you can remotely provide services to your customers, you must go with various online payment options such as virtual terminal and other online payment processing services.

        We have made a brief breakdown of how you can operate your professional service with IPS’s online payment solutions. So, have a look at the following points:

        • Accept Payment Using Virtual Terminal: Virtual terminal is a web-based version of physical payment terminals and therefore if you are operating your business remotely, you must pair your service with our latest and updated virtual terminal. Our virtual terminal is capable of doing various things such as accepting recurring payments, invoice and billing, real-time reporting and many more. You just need to log into your account and put the necessary details to accept credit card payments online. Along with the payment system, you also have to take the entire operation online. For the client meeting, you can arrange a video or phone appointment with your customers in order to provide them uninterrupted service.
        • Send Invoice Online: After wrapping up an appointment, you can send an invoice to your customers online. With our latest system, you can add the ‘pay now’ button to the invoice so that your customers can directly make an online payment from there. You will also be notified as soon as payment is credited to your account.
        Not an IPS Merchant?

        By now, you have probably understood why you need a merchant processor solution to provide satisfactory and uninterrupted service to your customers. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with International Payment Solutions that is considered as one of the reputable merchant processors in Canada.

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