Port Perry BIA Starting Gift card Program For Enhancing Business

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Port Perry BIA which was launched in 1989 is going to start a completely new gift card program in order to help businesses which are badly affected by the COVID-19

Deborah Kiezebrink, councilor of Ward no.4 announced this great initiative on 27th April at the council session considering the present situation of BIA merchants. She was of the opinion that it will provide the members of BIA (Business Improvement Association) an instant financial relief.

Customers will be able to buy gift cards from a ‘single online store’ through online payment. They can redeem these gift cards when the store will reopen or when the takeout service will be available.

However, the mid-April was not good for Port Perry BIA. It has been scolded in a letter from the lawyer for discussing a negotiation in public that was privately obtained between Brock’s Department Store and Scugog. It was about a new lease for the Mary Street parking lot.

Brock’s Department Store made an announcement. It would close the large portion of the public parking lot which is at 179 Mary St. They made this announcement after a disagreement between township and store owners on a new leasehold for the property.

It was a major topic of discussion in the meetings of Port Perry BIA held in last November and December. Because of this, the lawyer of Brock family scolded BIA.

Marie-Josée Riverin who is a legal representative for Julie and Marina Brock wrote. “We wish to express our client’s disappointment. That notwithstanding that the parking lot negotiations were a matter between Brock’s and the township. It was discussed in closed session and should have been kept confidential. Until such time as an agreement may have reached. That the parking lot is our client’s private property, there have been ongoing discussions within the BIA regarding this matter.”

But, the recent decision taken by Port Perry BIA will probably eliminate these blemishes. Kiezebrink continued, “Throughout the month of May the Port Perry BIA will pay 30 percent of the card cost as a gift to the purchasers”.

She also added, “The hope is that community will work together to support the local business owners and, if successful, the new gift card program could potentially be something that continues into the Christmas season”.

Some words also expressed her excitement, “I am really excited for our community and the BIA”.

TALECH Pos – Pos System That Customized For Retail Or Restaurant

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We are living in the 21st century where everything is getting a digital touch with the help of technology. Well, payment terminals are not an exception as well. If you are running a retail business or restaurant business, you must pair your business with virtual terminals. This should be done in order to take your business to the next level. It not only helps you to accept payments online but also allows the customers to pay in their own ways. Ultimately, the flexibility as well as the credibility of your business will be enhanced.

However, Talech POS is inextricably associated with the virtual payment terminals. It is a cloud-based POS. Otherwise known as point-of-sale system that offers real-time analytics, customer and inventory management. It also enables scheduling appointments and many more for various businesses such as bar and restaurant, retail, etc. Talech POS system is operating on cloud-based method. It means that the whole data is stored in the cloud which can be securely accessed anywhere in the world.

Capabilities Of Talech POS System

Talech POS is capable of doing various things and therefore, we have made a brief breakdown of its capabilities. So, have a look at the following points:

  • Order and Product Services: With the help of Talech, business owners can take as well as manage orders, process cash and credit cards. Moreover, users can make product bundles, exchanges and returns and they can even have control over the sales and many other important aspects associated with the business.
  • Inventory Management: Well, the business owners will be capable of tracking their inventories in real-time. This can be done with the help of the Talech POS system. Moreover, they can do some more things. Such as setting up an alert if any product becomes out of stock, synchronizing products and many more.
  • Customer Management: Customer management is something that can take your business to the next level. Talech comes up with this capability. The business owners or users of Talech can keep an eye on marketing campaigns and customer information. Along with these, they can accept gift cards and create a loyalty program for customers.
  • Employee Management: Employee management is another thing that you as a business owner must know for getting the taste of success. Well, if you are not good enough in this thing, you don’t have to worry. Talech will make this easier for you. The Talech system allows the users to track the employee hours, roles of designated employees. If you are running a restaurant business, this system will let you know about the tips that customers are giving.
  • Track Sales Data: With the help of the Talech system, the business owners can track data related to their sales such as mark up, profit margin, tax and revenue contribution, audit inventory, staff metrics and many more.
  • Integrations: The Talech POS system is very dynamic as it can be integrated with other software such as accounting software, labor-management solution software and many more. Moreover, if you running a restaurant business, you can integrate kitchen display software with it.
Talech POS System For Retail And Restaurant

Well, it requires an iPad to access the feature that the Talech system offers. In this particular, sub-point, we are going to tell you how the iPad point of sale system can make your restaurant or retail business successful.

For Restaurant

If you are running a restaurant business, you must need a Talech POS system. You can do the following things with the help of it:

  • Table Management: Table management is very important in the restaurant business. The better it is, the number of customers you will have in a day. Ultimately, it will enhance the overall sales.
  • Support Various Types of Payments: A Talech POS system can make the online bill payment service more dynamic. Talech POS accepts credit card payments, gift cards and split bills.
  • Detailed Breakdown of Bill: Another important aspect of this system is that you will have a detailed breakdown of the bill and if there is any discount applied on the bill (either to the whole order or to a single item), you will also have information regarding that.
For Retail

If we talk about from the perspective of a retail business, it will offer several inventory management features such as low inventory alerts, edit options, bulk upload and many more.

Best Talech POS System For Your Business

So, you have understood the importance of the Talech POS system in businesses like restaurants or retail. Now, if you want the best Talech POS system for your business, you must get in touch with International Payment Solutions.

The Talech POS system is designed in such a way so that it can offer VIP solutions to clients through loyalty programs, fast checkout processes, online ordering systems and automatically generate customer profiles.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit International Payment Solutions today.

Lexington Retail Business Is Going Down Amid COVID-19

Retail Business

Lexington Retail Business Is Going Down Amid COVID-19. If we talk about the boutique scene in Lexington, Monkee’s of Lexington will definitely come to our mind. It has gained a huge success because of its outstanding service. Therefore, it has been considered as an inextricable part of this industry for a decade. But, the impact of COVID-19 is changing the scenario which the owner does not want.

Sarah Woodworth, the owner of Monkee’s of Lexington said that she closed the door of her shops at Louisville and Lexington. Although it is a very detrimental step, she is compelled to do this observing the current situation.

She said, “As Kentucky stores, Keeneland and Derby makeup, most of my year. So they are bigger for us than Christmas”. She further explained. “So, knowing what I had on order to come in for this the financial loss, but also knowing that I was not going to have customers walking through the door to purchase what I did have on the floor was terrifying”.

Yes, it is a fact that the transaction of non-essential things is going down and it is really a bad period for some merchants. Lexington Retail Business Is Going Down Amid COVID-19.

However, the owner is trying her best. According to a recent report, business owners can apply for Paycheck Protection Program otherwise known as PPP and Small Business Administration or SBA loans. Well, the owner applied for both.

The owner is of the opinion that she got the PPP loan within a week but, she has been waiting for the SBA loan for almost five weeks.

She added, “Absolutely no confidence that we were going to get anything. And so, you know, being knowing what I had coming in on the books. I just had to start cancelling orders. Which is, you know, really difficult to do. This is because I  know in doing that I am also hurting that company who’s scared to death about what’s going on so it’s- it’s a trickle-down effect”.

The budget is very tight and she said that she could survive for the next few weeks. However, her words clearly indicated that she is worried about the future.

Woodworth said. “Letting the managers in Louisville know that I was going to have to furlough them, was one of the toughest days of my life. It was heart-breaking to me. This is because I did not want my issues to affect them. But it did come down to a point where we just, we could not sustain it any further”.

In addition to this, they are planning to re-open their stores for selling hand sanitizers and masks.