How To Fix The Most Common Credit Card Machine Problems

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Technology is making everything more advanced and nowadays, it is being used in almost every field. Well, retail businesses are not excepting as well. If we specifically talk about businesses, business owners have been using credit card machines which is a kind of virtual terminal. They accept credit card through this method. Thus they are elevating their sales to the next level by pairing their business with technology.

By doing this, they are capable of serving more customers as it does not take too much time for accepting credit card payments online. But, everything has negative aspects and this credit card terminal is not an exception as well. If you have such a payment terminal, you have probably seen that credit card machines are not working. But, it happens occasionally and therefore, we have come up with the most common credit card machine problems. For making it easier, we will also let you know how to fix credit card machine. So, have a look at the following points:

Card Reading problems

A credit card machine consists of a magnetic reader that picks up as well as decodes data which is stored in microscopic magnets installed in the stripe of the card. If the credit card terminal becomes unable to read the card, there will be a problem while accepting card payments. It will delay the payment process and your overall business sales will be hampered. But, cleaning the magnetic card reader will fix the problem.

Yes, take the credit card and wrap it with a fresh and crisp dollar bill. Now, slide it through the credit card terminal. Dollar has a rough texture which will clean the dirt of magnetic readers. Well, this is the basic solution. If the card reader still refuses, you have to change the magnetic reader and install a new one.

However, before doing this, slide that credit card in other credit card terminals (if you have more than one, you must do this) in order to know the actual problem. It might be either on the credit card or in the payment terminal. In the case of a credit card, the customer has to contact the issuing bank for a replacement of that card.

Error In Data Input

It is another credit card problem where the merchant is unable to add additional data. The magnetic sensor is in good condition and capable of reading data but, when the merchant enters additional data, the display shows error- it is called error in data input. Well, it is not a major problem; it happens because natural dust and long term use gum up the keys and the keys stop functioning. Well, it either stops functioning or makes it difficult for the merchant to enter data. But, the business owner can easily get rid of such error with the help of a keyboard cleaner. Yes, clean the keyword with any commercially available keyboard cleaner and the problem will be resolved.

Problem With The Printer

Credit card machines send receipt and transaction details to a printer attached to it and thus, customers get receipt copy of their transaction. But, it is not as simple as it sounds; the credit card terminal occasionally fails to do this. In such a scenario, the transaction is completed but, the merchant becomes unable to deliver any receipt copy. Well, there can be several reasons behind it. Let’s breakdown all these:

If the printer fails to print, first, you need to verify the power light whether it is illuminating or flashing. If it is flashing, there might a paper jam in the printer. So, you have to remove the print cover and it will be solved.

If the power light is not illuminating, the merchant has to check the power cord- whether it is properly plugged into an electrical outlet or not. If the power outlet is in good condition and the power indicator in the printer is not illuminating, you have to change your printer.

Sometimes, the cable that connects the terminal to the printer creates a problem and in such a scenario, the printer works normally but, it will not print the output from the credit card machine. So, you just need to change the cable in order to fix this problem.

Get Top Quality Credit Card Machine

Sometimes, having a high-quality credit card machine can minimize such kind of problems, and therefore, we have come up with a perfect site from where you can get a high-quality credit card machine.

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So, you have probably have got a concrete idea about troubleshooting the credit card machine.

RBS Bank Mimicking Starling Bank’s “Connected Card”

Bank Cards

It does not matter whether it is a contactless transaction or mobile payment, the digital payment method is gradually evolving after the coronavirus outbreak especially with the help of bank card.

Royal Bank of Scotland which is otherwise known as RBS has launched a new kind of debit card. The cardholder can top up the card by up to 100 euros. The limit can be refreshed every five days. The bank has given a special name to the card and it is- ‘companion card’. This is because the card can be used by a trusted person of the cardholder who is vulnerable or struggling to get out of the house because of the lockdown amid coronavirus outbreak.

Well, this is not a new thing. This is because Starling Bank had already made an announcement on the launch of its ‘Connected Card’. This card is almost similar to RBS bank’s ‘Companion Card’.

The card has been designed for those customers who are keeping themselves on self-quarantine. This card can be used by any trustworthy friend or family member. The ‘Companion Card’ eliminates the need for bank transfers, cheques, and IOUs. It is protected by a PIN and the balance limit for this card is 200 euros. The card cannot be used for online transactions. Instead of it, it can be used in shops and the cardholder will have full control over this card.

Anne Boden, CEO and founder of Starling Bank said. “We know that getting in groceries and other essential items is a challenge for those who are self-isolating during the coronavirus emergency”.

She further added. “So, we came up with a solution to help our customers. This will help them to pay for supplies bought for them by trusted friends and neighbors without the hassle of transferring money or handling cash”.

Coming back to the ‘Companion Card’, the Edinburgh-based bank, owner of RBS and Ulster and NatWest Bank brands said that the card could be used by customers to pay for essential goods.

RBS card will be associated with the customer’s existing account. The details will be kept separately on the system of the bank. The ATM withdrawal for this card is limited to 50 euros.

Les Matheson, CEO of NatWest said, “Tackling issues around access to finance can be difficult for some”.

“But we are committed to finding innovative solutions that keep our customers safe and able to pay for the things they need, when they need them- whether that’s digitally via our app, via this new card, or though cash”.

Non-profit Organizations In Nanaimo Receiving $20,000 Worth Of Gift Cards To Help Families In Need


The organizers of the Garrett Paquette Seafood Extravaganza are going to provide $20,000 worth of Country Grocer gift cards to the needy families in Nanaimo. The gift cards will be distributed through Nanaimo Food Share, The boys and Girls Clubs of Central Vancouver Island, Nanaimo Family Life Association, and haven Society.

The thing that we all want to forget is the deadly impact of COVID-19 which made everything worse. But, in this critical situation, there is good news for the families in need across the Nanaimo region. This is because they are going to get a unanimous help from several non-profit organizations.

Sarah Bramley, Seafood Extravaganza Organizer has told NanaimoNewsNow. “Our group of organizers decided they wanted to do something immediate and very responsible.”

“We know the organizations have a direct demand for their services as well as families. They are in need to provide food in their tables.”

The executive director of haven Society, Tony Wheeler who offers support as well as shelter to the victims of violence (mostly for women and children) is of the opinion that coronavirus outbreak is creating a serious strain on families.

Wheeler said. “Any pressure on the family would increase the incidence of intimate partner violence for our families”. He further added, “The gift cards will help take one small amount of pressure off of what families are experiencing, just because of the whole economic fallout of COVID-19… and with that comes a decrease in the pressure the family itself is experiencing.”

The impact of COVID-19 flattens the curve of economic growth and we can see the downfall of merchant processing companies as retail businesses are closed; no transaction over there.

But, The Garrett Paquette is trying to make the situation better. It has raised more than $500,000 for local causes through their fundraising initiatives.

Roger Paquette, father of Garrett said, “Our son Garrett would be very proud of us doing this kind of thing… that was his life was, to help people and that’s why we carried on.”

Karen Love, executive director for Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Vancouver island said. “Traditionally we have always relied on other agencies to give us support for food. So I think what these gift cards do is it gives us the opportunity to actually go out serve our own families… as an agency.”